Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bald-faced Bay Proud Arabian Foal

It’s a month before BreyerFest, and my sales list isn’t even done yet: so yeah, you could say that I’m edging into panic mode a little earlier and a little more intensely than usual this year.

If I push it, I should be able to get most of my paperwork done by the end of the weekend. In the meantime I will probably be even harder to get a hold of than I usually am.

(Yeah, I know that my accessibility is something I need to work on!)

Since I haven’t had much time to do my usual shopping, I’ve been casually perusing eBay for Breyer box lots: aside from the excitement of not really knowing what you’re getting until you open the box, you can usually recoup most of your investment once you pick out the handful of must-have pieces out of the box.

You should know me by now: even in the yuckiest of box lots, I usually find something!

Anyway, there was one lot that went for an unreasonably high amount of money recently, because it apparently had one of these in it:

A Mahogany Bay Proud Arabian Foal with front socks and a bald face.

Note: I don’t own this model anymore. I bought it off eBay – possibly in a box lot, I don’t remember – and then sold it several years later when it became apparent to me that my variation collecting was getting out of hand.

(When you have a half-dozen variations of the Hess Haflinger, you have a problem!)

I made a small profit on it – in the tens or dozens of dollars, if that – so I wasn’t exactly pleased to find out that this model was what triggered the bidding war that led to that lot going for at least ten times what I got for mine.

It’s okay, really – when I had to sell a Test Color Proud Arabian Foal a while back when I absolutely had to, I did all right for myself… but man, the market is just nuts right now. And if only my timing was good enough to capitalize on it!

(Now ponders the possibility that this Foal might be the selfsame Foal. No, don’t go there Andi...)

Just about any variation of the Proud Arabians – Stallion, Mare or Foal, and the Old Mold variants of the Mare and Foal – is going for big bucks right now. I remember being shocked at how much that pink-nosed Alabaster Old Mold Mare sold for a little while back. (So shocked I can’t remember the price, except that if it wasn’t in the four figures, it was darn close.)

The Bald-faced Bay Foal is one of the more unusual ones, I agree – I think I’ve seen maybe two or three others? – but even so, I certainly didn’t think it’d go for that kind of money.

As far as timelines go, I have no idea when the Bald-faced variation of the Foal occurred. Most of the better-known Proud Arabian variations appear to have occurred early on in their runs, so I would assume this to be the case with the Foal as well.


Anonymous said...

It's her! I own this foal now! Down to every last blemish I can ID her. I did not see the one that sold at auction. How much did it actually sell for? Just curious.

Lost in an 80's Fog said...

The lot was eBay auction 303171180717

OFonlyMe said...

Wow it had to be the foal which caused the commotion! The rest of the lot was not that great.