Friday, June 21, 2019

The Other BreyerFest Stablemates

I knew it was coming, but this one is still going to hurt:

I sure hope they (a) parcel these 30th Anniversary Stablemates Sets out more or less equally/equitably every day and (b) limit them to one per customer, no dang exceptions.

Not that I see that helping me in any way. I am occupied/indisposed early Saturday and Sunday morning, so the only time I’d be able to pick it up would be Friday morning.

This is… not likely.

I gave up the late Thursday/Early Friday KHP campouts a few years ago – not necessarily because of the whole diminishing returns thing, but because I had too many other things to do and something had to give.

Shopping and socializing at the hotel were far more important to me than possibly snagging something rare/weird/valuable early Friday morning at the Horse Park. And to be honest, with my skill set I’d probably have a better shot at finding something rare/weird/valuable at the hotel nowadays, anyway.

Even though they only made 500 of the original 20th Anniversary BreyerFest Stablemates set, I had a relatively easy time acquiring it: Friday morning shopping in 2009 wasn’t as excruciating an ordeal as it is now; Stablemates weren’t quite as hot a commodity back then; and we only really knew about its (rumored) existence a day or two before, not three weeks before.

All these things have changed.

So even though they’ve quadrupled the amount available to 2000 sets, I am not optimistic. I’ll give it a try, because OMG Tiny Carrick, but I am not going to risk life, limb, or a good night’s sleep over it.

In other news, I hope I didn’t jinx myself passing up the last America the Beautiful Web Special Teton, because I love the next one –  Pepper’s Cajun cousin, the Old Timer LaFitte:

Not sure what’s up with the weird capitalization – some people and places with the name do capitalize it that way, but not the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park that this special honors.

My only other criticism is that the timing is bad for this special, but anything released in June or July that’s not BreyerFest related is difficult to deal with.

If I get picked, I’ll deal with it then.

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