Monday, June 24, 2019

The 2019 BreyerFest Program

In case you didn’t know, this year’s program is up. First, the important bits – Special Run piece counts and prices:

Pop Up Store Items:
711351 RCMP Musical Ride (Classic) - 1000/$30
711352 Officer Oliver Plush - 1000/$18
711353 Sarge (Stablemate) - 2000/$10
711354 10 Piece Celebration Horse Miniatures 2010-2019 - 2000/$60
711355 Defiant (Crystal) - 750/$45

Store Specials:
711349 Zipped in Black Magic - 1000/$75
711356 Rico - 1000/$75
711366 Hal - 1250/$70

Tent Models:
711341 Banner - 800/$65
711342 Bucky - 800/$55
711343 Hero’s Welcome Surprise - 4250/$85
711344 Pepper - 1545/$65
711345 Diana - 1800/$70
711346 Rocket - 1725/$65
711347 Quill - 1680/$65
711348 Natasha - 1650/$60

A few breakdowns and takeaways…

The total number of Tent pieces is 14,250(!) which means that they’re planning for approximately 7,000 3-day tickets sold, under the assumption that each attendee fully redeems their Tent SR tickets.

(Their calculations are probably a little more sophisticated than that, but close enough is good enough.)

It’s interesting that they’re producing more of the Store Special Hal than they are of the Rico; you’d think they’d know the popularity of the Silver mold and plan accordingly. My guess is they think that since the Hal is the first non-club release of the Dundee mold, more of him might be necessary for completists and customizers.

Unlike last year, when the Vendor Pack list “accidentally” revealed who the Gloss/Matte Split model was, we’ve gotten no such clues so far. It’s more likely to be Quill or Natasha, rather than Pepper or Rocket, because it’s easier to divide even numbers in half. (If it is Quill, my shopping plans might change...)

I have nothing interesting to say about the revealed Live Auction pieces so far, though I wouldn’t mind owning that Chestnut Pinto Emerson:

People are trying to read more into this particular statement on the BreyerFest blog about Lot 13:
Lot #13 is another one of our extra-special models, and you will just need to wait until Saturday, July 13th to see it unveiled!
The possibility that they might be holding out on the reveal of it until the actual auction is just another twist on the “mystery lot” thing. Previous Auction mystery models haven’t been that mindblowing, so I doubt that the “double secret mystery” lot is going to be something all that special – but then again, you know I set the bar pretty high for what I consider special.


BarefootAppy said...

I am particularly stoked about Hal, although his initial release photos made him look darker, more liver chestnut (which would have been aaaaaaamazing) than bright chestnut. I hope he doesn’t sell out quickly because the Breyer store line scares me!

Christi said...

Darn it, the program isn't a PDF to download.