Monday, June 3, 2019

There He Is!

That was a rough patch of days. I finished a number of lingering projects, another one is well on its way, the garden is almost done (thought the rain is not helping) and I even managed to finish a quilt I though would be the death of me.

(Note to self: Matchstick quilting by hand? Bad idea!)

There was a dentist appointment in there, too.

And now I am completely exhausted. The “sit back in a chair, blink your eyes and immediately lose three or four hours” kind of tired. (Which is also why I am putting off seeing the new Godzilla movie for another day or two.)

So of course the Mid-year photos had to drop today, when I have absolutely no energy to be excited.

The most talked about of this year’s Mid-Year crop is obvious: the Bay Bristol that had all of us so consternated late last year, who is now a portrait model of champion show jumper Voyeur.

(I think I speculated that he was likely a Mid-Year portrait model. I’m pretty sure? I am rapidly losing my will to brain.)

Unlike the model seen in the GoldieBlox video, though, Voyeur has a braided mane, instead of a loose one. But it’s not necessarily a big revelation that the model in the video was a Test Color, either. Even if it was absolutely identical to the regular production run piece, it’d still likely be a Test Color by dint of the date the video was published.

(I mean, yeah, they have made models before and sat on them for months and months before unleashing them on us, but… just go with it for the sake of simplicity, okay?)

Voyeur will be a big seller, either way. Breyer has been killing it with their Bay paint jobs lately, and everyone is pretty hot to get their hands on an affordable Bristol since his Premier Club release, BreyerFest 2018 Gloss Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Raffle model, and now the Black Pinto Custom Contest Prize model Leap of Faith are all – more or less – either unaffordable or inaccessible to the majority of us.

Just like the Newsworthy mold, my personal preference leans more toward the loose-maned version to the braided one. In fact, one of the few “personal collection” purchases I’ve made so far this year was a loose-maned Newsworthy, specifically the Best of British Connemara Pony one:

I originally purchased him with nefarious purposes in mind, but then I got caught up in other business and lost the will to do nefarious things by the time he arrived at my doorstep. Then he sat in his box for a couple of months until I decided to open him up for my birthday because it is not a birthday without a new Breyer horse, right?

(I bought an LV Integrity specifically for my birthday, too. But more on him on a less delirious day.)

In spite of my current space issues, I managed to find the perfect place for him, perched on top of my printer and looking like he’s about the dive into a mosh pit of Stablemates Unicorns on the desk below.

Enough with the silliness. Time for bed.

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GWR said...

Space issues are why I'm thrilled to see more new Classics and Stablemates molds. I love my Trads but model horse real estate is limited around her.

Maybe I could suspend a bay Bristol from the ceiling, hmmm...