Sunday, June 16, 2019


It figures: I had a couple unexpected free hours to play with on Friday, so I swung by one of my local toy stores – and dang it, they had Bisbees!

Then early Saturday morning Reeves sent out an e-mail informing all of us that Bisbee was now available on their web site:

Is someone or something trying to tell me something? Because I have now spent most of the weekend – the parts where I wasn’t working on all of my BreyerFest prep – trying not to think about her.

It’d be cheaper for me to go back to the store and get her there (their prices are great!), but most of my mental and financial resources are understandably tied up at the moment.

(I just remembered today that I need to get a new folding table, since the hotel remodeled the rooms and my old tables don’t fit anymore.)

The weekend was more productive than I expected: I finally finished the sales list (more or less), I got quite a bit done on the Sampler (though I did find myself lost in a deep research hole for a couple of hours) and worked on the costume a bit, too.

And since the weather was being uncooperative, I even managed to do a little “shopping” out in the storage shed and found a few more books, bodies, dolls and bits of whatnot I can add to my sales list.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to find the time to complete – or heck, even start – the diorama, and I am fine with that. One less thing to worry about – and some of the supplies I had delegated to the task can now go back into the sales stash!

I’ll have a bit more actual history for you guys next time, since I now have to spend the rest of my Sunday evening cleaning up the aftermath of my weekend of busyness….

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pawprint said...

Congrats on the Breyer Community stuff. Just read your piece on the blue ribbon sticker and loved it. I look forward to more of the same!