Sunday, July 3, 2022


This weekend’s plans included working on my BreyerFest paperwork, and weeding and pruning the garden.

How are things going? The garden’s looking great. The paperwork, eh, not so much. Most of the writing is done, it’s the formatting and photography that might do me in. 

I always hope to get things done early, but it never works out that way, you know?

I also cleaned up my new Sorrel Family Arabian Mare and… discovered some things about her. I I think I’ll save that piece for a BreyerFest posting, though: it’s going to involve a little more research than I’m capable of right now. Let’s talk about my little Shelburne instead, who arrived late Friday night:

Ah, so cute! The promo pics definitely did not do him justice.

Most Breyer Morgan releases, until recently, were pretty conservatively colored. Heck, we didn’t even get a Chestnut Morgan until 1975, with the release of the G1 Morgan Stallion and Mare! I find this endlessly amusing, especially since Chestnut is the most common color among registered Morgans.

Though they did toy with more daring shades in the form of Test Colors, it wouldn’t be until the year 2000 that we’d see more colorful Morgans as production releases: the Dapple Gray BreyerFest Raffle Model Showboat on the Stretched Morgan (mold #48), and the Dappled Buckskin portrait of Montana Harvest on Justin Morgan (mold #65).

(I’m not counting the Dapple Gray and Alabaster G1 Morgan Stallions because they were technically released as Arabians.)

It’s not so big a deal now, of course. In fact, the initial photos of Shelburne, as I mentioned above, actually left me a little unimpressed. I chalked this up to (a) the perennial promo photo issues Reeves has, and (b) me being pretty picky about Buckskins in general. 

But his color was much richer in person, and his gloss is nice and thick, too. That certainly doesn’t hurt!

My favorite part of him, however, is his name. The Shelburne Museum has one of the finest collections of American Quilts in the country, and as a quilting nerd it’s definitely something I want to visit someday.


Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

Wow! Yours looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Either yours is a color variation--or mine is! While mine has nice dappling, his legs hardly has any black on them--making him look as though he's a "wild bay"?? I think I'd rather have yours!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We did have some lovely stretch Morgans in regular run colors in the 90's including a couple of chestnuts! He will always be one of my favorite molds. :)