Sunday, January 15, 2023

Full of Surprises

I signed up for BVG Live again this year, and if I can find anyone to take me up on it, I might make a weekend of it. Anyone want to go antiquing and axe throwing with me? 

I’ll probably stick to just two divisions this year: OF Mini and Collectability. I managed to do three last year, but I think it was just a tad too much, and I wanted to focus on Minis this time around anyway.

As for guesses on the BreyerFest “Stagecoach Surprise”, stagecoach horses were just coincidentally one of things we were talking about at our dinner table at Ponies & Palm Trees. 

(We were quite a distance from the Reeves table, so I doubt they heard any of it. The decision on the mold and colors would have been made by then so it would have been moot, regardless.)

Contrary to popular opinion and Hollywood, stagecoach horses tended to be sturdy “Working Western” types – think Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Morgans and some of the less refined Thoroughbred lines – and not Drafts. Occasionally you’d have “fancier” breeds utilized for customers willing to pay extra for the privilege. 

Most stagecoaches traveled at a trot or fast walk, so a lot of the molds hobbyists are suggesting – like Wyatt or Ruffian – would seem a little out of place or character in front of a stagecoach.

So what does that leave as possible candidates? Quite a few molds, actually.

Most likely candidates: Bobby Jo, Geronimo, Smart Chic Olena, Forever Saige, and Desatado.

Less likely candidates: Clock Saddlebred, Brown Sunshine, Ranch Horse, the no-feather version of Gypsy Vanner/Brishen, Idocus and Carrick.

Less likely candidates, but Vintage: San Domingo, Adios, Misty’s Twilight, Indian Pony.

I’m kind of liking the idea of this being a Vintage mold like San Domingo or Adios: they are both modestly popular molds with strong fanbases that still have a number of color options that can be explored. And it would fit in with the Vintage vibe I’m getting from the lineup so far this year.

Personally, I think it’d be something like the SCO, Geronimo, or Saige. I think the Ranch Horse mold would be a perfect fit, but he might not be quite new or popular enough to pull it off. Desatado would also fit the type well, but he seems a little bit too… feisty to be pulling a coach? I’m always up for a new Carrick, but he might be a little too refined.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on the matter, and all the thought I’m going to give to it. I’m not sure if I’m going to take a gamble on the Surprise model this year, with my budget and all.


Anonymous said...

NO. no. NOOOOO.... not Adios. Don't even suggest my poor bank account take a hit like that. NO.

Suzanne said...

I think Forever Saige and the Ranch Horse would be perfect- they have oomph! and forward momentum.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "Stagecoach" may be more of a theme for the model than an actual clue, and for that reason I'm guessing Silver, because of his strong connection to the wild west.

I'm pretty soured that they are making this or any SRs at all available to online...they're ruining the event item by item as well as souring their dealer relationships with all their online crap.

Corky said...

"I'm pretty soured that they are making this or any SRs at all available to online...they're ruining the event item by item as well as souring their dealer relationships with all their online crap."

What about people who can't afford to attend Breyerfest? Some of us can't afford the time off work, the thousands of dollars it would cost to travel there for car rental or airline flights, hotel costs, etc. What about people who can't travel due to a handicap or physical limitation of some sort? What about people who are taking care of elderly/ill family members and can't take several days off? What about those of us who can't handle the heat and humidity and crowds?

Some of us live hundreds of miles away from a Breyer dealer.

I can't help thinking that those of us who are unable to attend Breyerfest due to one reason or another surely deserve access to at least SOME of the amazing special runs. Surely you're aware that there's lots of hobby chatter coming from online attendees who are angry that they don't have access to ALL the SRs.

Breyerfest is a wonderful thing, and yes, I attended several in the 1990s, when I lived much closer to Lexington and had more money, time and energy. I wish I could go again, but it's simply not possible for many reasons. Many, many people, myself included, are highly grateful that Breyer is allowing online access to Breyerfest, and we're glad to be able to get some of the SRs.

Anonymous said...

I can never attend the Breyer Events such as Chasing the Chesapeake & Big Easy Bash. Lots of hobbyists can’t attend these Events. Does that mean Breyer should make some of the models exclusive to the Events available to everyone? Why should Event tickets be limited to 200? Why not allow any CC member buy tickets even if they can’t actually travel to the Event?
Just up the run # of the models so any CC member with a ticket can buy them. Why should those who can’t go be penalized? It’s not fair!
I can never, ever attend a Breyer Event but I should have access to the models just the same as those who take the time, put forth the effort & spend the money to go.

I don’t actually believe this. I’m just using it as an example of how ridiculous it is to think that those who don’t go to BF should have access to everything same as those who do attend. As pointed out, it takes a lot of time, hard work & money to go to BF & those who make the effort & sacrifice should be rewarded for spending the money, making the trip, enduring the heat & dealing with the traffic & crowd.
Life isn’t fair & EVERYONE deals with circumstances that prevent them from doing all they would like & enjoying everything life has to offer. Just because you’re not financially well off or have health issues or family obligations DOES NOT mean you’re entitled to things others participate in or enjoy. Especially when others actually put in the money, hard work, effort & sacrifices required.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, for people who think BF is ruined because SRs are offered online, stop using the internet. The internet has changed how a lot of people work and live their lives. It’s the world we live in. BF is never going to be like it was in the 90s. I also don’t see how offering more to online attendees takes anything away from in person attendees.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm aware people can't or won't attend. Get a pickup person or buy on the secondary, like I did and many have done for years. An event should be just that, an EVENT. The in-person event was given really short shrift last year because of the company dividing resources between the two. The quality fell considerably. In-person events and facilitators aren't meant to be divided between doing the event and being on a webcam. The internet and the expectation of being able to experience everything from a chair is ruining our society, our communities, our hobbies and our health.

PixelPerfectStables said...

I think Geronimo will be out of contention for the Surprise until they have a conclusion to the Orren Mixer series, because he's getting a new regular run every year. So far, the Surprise has never been on a mold that's had a brand new introduction for anything else in the same year, but molds with concurrent older RR still in production (introduced at least the previous year or prior) are fair game. See - Flash, Lonesome Glory, Dundee.
A lot of people are also bringing up Hamilton because he is flashy, but I think a stock or draft theme is more likely...though the already revealed LP & SSHF gives me pause that on this sort of theme they'd do more than one stock breed. The Cleveland Bay *could* be seen as a light draft, thus potentially eliminating the same breed type the following year (it does not usually repeat), BUT as we've seen with other molds like Smarty Jones, just because the hobby might assign a breed type to a mold, it does not mean they see it the same way. Lots of folks see Smarty as a stock type, and while he's been a Paint before, he's usually marketed as sport horses. So the Cleveland Bay could be categorized to Breyer as a Carriage or Sport type, independent from their draft molds. That is why I have not ruled out the possibility of Othello/Wixom/Shannondell, all of whom have been in production recently, and none have had 2023 releases yet.
Breyer is getting better about historical accuracy on some things, but we also know that they like to play around with and stretch the theme in order to use whatever mold they think will have a wide appeal while also not causing NPOD levels of chaos. (Which I think could occur for molds like Hamilton or Fireheart.)

Anonymous said...

It takes away from in-person attendees because Breyer is splitting their time, attention & resources between two groups (in-person attendees & online ticket holders). Do you really think Breyer doubled their employees & BF budget now that they’re offering online tickets? Well, they didn’t & people that take the time & spend the money & deal with the heat & crowds at the KHP are being shorted because of it. As someone who has been to nearly 20 BF’s in KY (including last year) I can tell there was a difference between BF’s of the past & last year. Part of it was because everyone was out of practice since it hadn’t been held in 2 yrs but some was undoubtedly due to the limited resources being split between two very different groups with very different needs.
And spare me the “I can’t go because of health issues, money, work or family duties”. We all have limitations & obligations that get in the way of activities & stuff we want. That doesn’t mean we are owed anything or entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the ranch horse . As far as staff since online BF orders are handled at a time apart and not the same time as live event staffing shouldn't be so much an issue since the online is all computers. I'd be okay with second hand market if the prices stayed reasonable which they no longer do. I tried to attend one year bought tickets parking hotel ect had a medical emergency. Lost everything I invested into going tickets hotel ect. Then had the option to buy from scalpers for 2x3 the price . I dont know anyone personally I could ask to go for me now and I can't myself. The online limited I appreciate even if I'm still holding out for a stein around 100$. Also for trouble I noticed most of last years online cost 10$ more Plus shipping so we are still paying

Boulder Sheep said...

I'm so glad Breyer is offering Online options for Breyerfest. There, I said it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you’d prefer BF as an exclusive event? Limit attendance and sell tickets by lottery. Go back to the days where they only offered 4 SRs. Make the hobby so unwelcome for new people that Breyer goes out of business.

(Sorry, Breyer History Diva! I like the Clock Saddlebred for the surprise!)

Anonymous said...

They already have Events like that. Big Easy Bash, Chasing the Chesapeake, Ponies & Palm Trees. I’ve never been to any of them & will never go because I’m not in the CC which is a requirement for entering for tickets. And, guess what, I have never once complained about not being able to go or not being able to buy the Event models. I have certainly not gone on all my social media to whine & cry about how unfair it is that I’m being left out because my health problems drain my money away from the hobby. I’ve never given a sob story about how my circumstances make it difficult to go anywhere & that I should be able to participate & buy the models just the same as those that do attend. I’m actually an adult who understands life isn’t always fair & no one owes me anything & I’m not entitled to something just because I want it.
What I’d like is for people buying virtual tickets to BF to show some gratitude that they’re being included at all even though they’re sitting on their butts in their air conditioned homes while others are fighting off heat exhaustion in KY. I want them to be thankful that they can buy some of the models when they’re putting forth absolutely no time or effort whatsoever instead of throwing temper tantrums on FB, IG & other social media that they WANT IT ALL & WANT IT NOW!
I want them to quit acting like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka & remember the lesson they should have learned when they were preschoolers & heard the story of the Little Red Hen, which is those that put in the time & hard work are those that get the rewards.

Anonymous said...

I’ve seen several suggest that Smart Chic Olena could be the Surprise. He meets several of the criteria & is certainly has the body type of an Old West stagecoach horse. I’d be thrilled if he’s the Surprise since I don’t conga him but I like him well enough that I’d buy one or two if the paint job was nice.

Suzanne said...

Okay gang- are there four different models, similar in proportion, all going the same speed & "direction", which could be used to assemble a team? That would be neat, instead of one horse, 4 matched horses.

Remember, there are no rules, except keeping out of the red!

Also wanted to see what others are suggesting, and I'm not too familiar with the newer models. I'm changing my vote to Smoky!

Corky said...

I can't tell if Anonymous is the same person every time they post under that name. I honestly didn't think I was whining or acting entitled in my earlier post, but I refuse to apologize or made to feel guilty for what I said.

I don't have any issues at all with buying SRs secondhand or using a pickup person (I used a pickup person for several years in a row when I lived in Japan and attending BFest in person was entirely out of the question; this was several years before online attendance became an option). I just ask that anyone stating that "BFest SRs should be for IN-PERSON ATTENDEES **ONLY**" think about people other than themselves. While it can never replace the excitement of seeing dear hobby friends we haven't seen for years in person, online attendance is a good thing, and in fact a blessing for many. And it's amazing that we can purchase SRs at the same time (even if some people consider them second-rate compared to the in-person-only SRs; I myself do not consider them that way), and yes, I am grateful, very grateful; and if I didn't come across as such, well, I guess I have to apologize for that.

In the end, offering online options for those of us who can't attend Breyerfest for whatever perfectly legitimate reason makes **more money for Breyer,** which is almost certainly why it's being done -- not necessarily in response to any "whining."

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why a pick up person is that different from an online attendee. The result is the same - the buyer does nothing but sit on their butt in AC with a pick up person, but they “deserve”it more because they paid a pick up person?

I’ve been organizing and attending hybrid meetings and conferences for two years (and presenting). It’s generally better for those in-person, but it gives people options.

Boulder Sheep said...

Thank you, Second Anonymous, for your breath of reason. I don't even have AC to sit on my butt in online.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a kind, thoughtful, understanding, totally not selfish person. 🙄
Compare Briarfest 1995 and all of its offerings to what they are doing now and try to tell me that the online component is taking away from the event. An event which only continues to grow and expand. I would think you would want growth and expansion if you like the event so much. Why does expanding to an online component offend you so much? Let me guess, because it’s *gasp* inclusive!?

Anonymous said...

It’s anonymous who is acting whiny and entitled. All your points are completely valid.