Friday, August 19, 2022

Flood Damage

This is what happens when your family decides – against your wishes and better judgment, and by the way you have no choice in this decision anyway – that some of your horses must be stored in the laundry room: 

(Some plumbing work needed to be done, and there were complications. FYI: they were NOT anywhere near the floor.)

It’s super frustrating to see the one thing you feared most about this storage situation – one that was completely avoidable if they had only actually listened to you and valued your opinion – happened anyway.

The only saving graces here are that (a) these are not the Vintage Club releases in the highest demand, and (b) the horses and their respective stickers and other ephemera are all perfectly fine. And aside from another item that I had intended to unbox soon anyway, this is the extent of the damage.

(This time.)

Nevertheless, as someone who values ephemera like I do, this is definitely a punch in the gut. In spite of hobbyists’ complaints to the contrary, replacing them will be neither cheap nor easy, unless there’s someone out there is willing to sell me just the boxes.

Ugh, seriously. My life is complicated enough right now. (I am currently trying to figure out my Worldcon schedule. Unless I am able to master the skill of bilocation between now and then, I cannot attend both the Masquerade and John Scalzi’s Dance Party simultaneously. Grr.)

Anyway, to make up for my complaining, here is a picture of a couple of Shetland Ponies in sweaters, to brighten your weekend, if not mine:

I am now possessed by the urge to customize a Shetland Pony. I did just buy some new Dremel bits yesterday, coincidentally....


Carrie said...

That just plain blows. I wish I'd been in the VC so I could give you boxes.

Suzanne said...

Ech, yeah, sounds familiar! As the youngest, I tend to get either overruled, or that patronizing "let her have her way"...nothing in between 😞

Little Black Car said...

I work in an archive in SE Texas. My department was housed (before my time) in a half-underground floor of our parent organization . . . until Tropical Storm Allison hit the Gulf Coast in 2001. Yeah. You can guess how that ended.

Now we're in a warehouse 5 feet above ground.

Houses where I am don't have basements (because they would turn into permanent indoor swamps) but flooding is still a risk and, yeah, I'm always keeping tabs on what might need to be moved in a hurry during hurricane season.