Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rest in Pieces

I was kind of hoping that I could get a custom or two done in time for a show coming up in September, but that doesn’t look likely. I always forget how difficult it is for me to visualize things in three dimensions! I fuss and fuss over the anatomy, and every time I think I’m done (or almost done) I find 16 other things I somehow missed.

At least I’m enjoying the process, and ultimately, that’s all that should matter. I wish more people would see it that way: being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you have to end with a finished product. Sometimes it’s just worthwhile to goof around with art supplies until the urge to goof around with them subsides.

It only becomes a problem when you decide it’s a problem. Or the art supplies start taking over your house. 

Speaking of questionable anatomy, here’s another unexpected BreyerFest acquisition!

Believe it or not, in spite of having at least a dozen #47 Man o’ Wars littering this place, I did not have a Shrinky one yet. Weird, I know! You’d think I would have come across at least one in my travels before now. 

Maybe it’s because part of me is unwilling to buy something that I know has such a short shelf life, compared to all the other models I own. (He was a gift from a friend, so problem solved, there!)

There’s going to come a time when I will have to do something with the remains of “The Toad” – a lumpy, desiccated, and now quite unappealing pile of plastic horse parts that was once a Pony of Americas “Rocky” in buckskin. And who was, for a while, the world’s most (in)famous Shrinky.

Whenever I finally get the time – and gumption – I just might make a video of Toad’s funeral, with “Slim Jim” here officiating.

The only problem with this plan being the fact that I will then have to steel myself for Slim Jim’s eventual demise. 


timaru star ii said...

And I thought I could name a horse. Slim Jim. Now that one wins! I too have discovered Shrinkies in my herd when once I knew them not. They're non-weeping, so I'll probably keep them around until I pass from their scene. Strangely, (I do feel the urge, reading your blog), I have never owned a trad Man O War.

Suzanne said...

Ha! I was thinking, "I didn't realize how weird MOW is!" -until I saw "shrinky" in the text. Geez, I've had my shrinky Might Tango on the porch for the past month or so. I figured it could act as a lawn ornament until it breaks down entirely.
Funny thing, it's easier to chop a model horse to pieces (for reassembly) than it is to throw one in the trash!

Queen Hallowdragon said...

I collect dinosaurs,and I have a ridiculous bootleg guy named Chard.