Saturday, August 13, 2022

Second Chances Sale

Something short again today. The best way to describe where I’m at is that I’m in the middle of a lot of things? And I’m finding that transitioning back to the night shift is a little harder than I anticipated? There was a dental appointment this week that also threw me off, as it usually does. 

In case you were wondering, I did redeem my Marzipan ticket at BreyerFest. When I saw the lovely Chocolate/Burnt/Bay variant, I thought I’d give it a shot, especially since he didn’t seem all that rare – and he wasn’t! It turned out that it was a simple 50/50 split, just like the Gloss/Matte variant tends to be. 

(Who was Ländler, but I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Of course, I still got the Palomino Marzipan instead. While he was a perfectly lovely specimen, I immediately turned around and sold him at the hotel at cost. Even in person, he didn’t do anything for me. Thankfully, he was gone by the end of the day: no harm, no foul.

(It’s interesting that the post-BreyerFest blog post about the Special Runs referred to Marzipan as “this years color split”, hinting that this will be a regular thing going forward.)

When the Second Chance Sale came up earlier this week, I decided to take a chance on the Ländler instead: unlike Marzipan, I still like him in his “less desirable” (Matte) variation. I’d still prefer the Gloss, only because getting the Gloss is still something of a rarity for me…

I also bought a Rapunzel, because I thought she was cute and I love Red Roans, and a Rotating Draft Surprise because as I suspected, he was the Cleveland Bay and I liked most of the colors he came in.

While I did manage to finagle myself one at BreyerFest, he turned out to be the one color out of the bunch that I did not like at all: Gloss Silver Bay. I don’t think any release that’s come in this color has held any appeal at all to me, from the Strapless Uncalled For to the 2017 Web Special Swaps Scotty. I’ll sell him off eventually, whenever my schedule allows.

Fortunately, I’m not so enamored of the mold that I’ll have to get all ten variations. I think the Buckskin Pinto is my favorite, and luckily he is not the rarest of the bunch. 


Anonymous said...

I spent way too much on the second Chances. But it's a far cheaper deal than buying secondhand.

So here's hoping for a glossy Landler, bay Marzipan, glossy Rhenish Draft, and glossy Rotating Draft for me!

Anonymous said...

I missed out on the sale until all the Landlers and Surprises were gone. I would be happy to rehome your bay Surprise. That was the color I was hoping to get. (I did get a buckskin so we could just swap if you'd like)
Betsy in WI

Anonymous said...

50/50 color splits have been done at previous Breyerfests including 2021 (Peche Merl) and 2018 (Dead Heat). It will be interesting to see it becomes a regular staple like the glossy/matte split seems to be now.

Anonymous said...

I love the glossy silver bay color! I have the strapless and Andalusian srs I saw the 2nd chance sale hour after it started and the random bagged srs for online tix were gone good luck to you all