Monday, August 22, 2022

Feeling the Entropy

The information for the Exclusive Event Ponies and Palm Trees was finally posted:

I want to be more optimistic about my chances, but I also know how the current model horse market is and how cutthroat many hobbyists are. When it comes to getting picked for these things my luck is not good, and I only have one Collector’s Club membership. 

Keep in mind that I am currently surrounded by absolute chaos and entropy, and that is very much coloring my worldview right now. I’m just trying to focus on my trip to Chicago in a week and a half and after that, a live show later in September. If the Florida event doesn’t come to pass for me (the more likely scenario) there are some mostly minor, but annoying health issues I need to address.

It didn’t help that I also tried pricing the Vintage Club sets that were damaged in the flood. And let’s not forget the Tractor Supply Stablemates: I literally haven’t even found a single unopened blind bag for the Series Three in person locally – or even seen them actually be orderable on the Breyer website! And now you’re telling me that Series Four is out? 

I originally got into Stablemates in 1975 (when they came out: yes, I am old) because they were cheap and accessible. And now they are not.

It’s not so much that my local selection of models is lacking – I didn’t have any significant difficulties locating all of the other Tractor Supply merchandise last year – but that my options have become more limited than I am comfortable with, and there is not a lot I can do about it. 

It is not financially or emotionally worth it to me to drive around to all my local stores, and I do not have the time for that nonsense in the first place.

I yearn for escape and possibilities, and right now the only thing offering me this is planning for Chicon 8. So you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little checked out for the time being. 

To end on a little bit of horse content, here’s the Buckskin variation of the Pech Merle that I traded my Warehouse Box Furano for:

I don’t know why I was so enraptured by this model; I don’t think I even have any other John Henry models in my collection at the moment. I’d like to get an original John Henry eventually, especially a brindled one, but it’s not a priority.  

Maybe it’s because I’m in a customizing mood right now, but I think some of the Pech Merle’s appeal is in the way the paint job was designed. Customizers – in general – give a lot of consideration to the paintwork to both highlight a mold’s better qualities and downplay its flaws, and I think Pech Merle is a perfect example of that. 


Yvonne said...

When they first came out I was selling the TSC SMs at cost. Wish I had known you were looking sooner! Lately I have been sending them out with each horse anyone buys or trades with me. ("No horse travels alone" is my motto!) Contact me and lets work out a deal! I still have some left (I think)!

Christi said...

I haven't seen the Series 3 yet either, or the French series, . I guess since it's August, it's time to check the farm stores now and then.

That said, I did manage to get a silver chase Alborozo when I ordered from Breyer a couple of years ago. (Of course, of the 9 blind bags I ordered over a few months, I ended up with 7 pastel Clydesdales, so it's hit or miss. )

Boulder Sheep said...

During the Plague, my local wee pharmacy stopped ordering Breyers, so my odd picking up one randomly stopped. I really, really wanted the Indian Pony decorator chase, so I ordered a boxful from Breyer. And found the chrome super-chase, which I promptly sold and ordered another box. And found ANOTHER chrome super-chase, which I sold and bought another box. And the very last blind bag opened was the Indian Pony Chase.

I haven't entered for Ponies and Palm Trees because a)Florida, b)flying, c)I will have more or less just gotten home from the only vacation I've had since 2016. Andrea, given your luck with obtaining a Holographic Uffington, I have every hope you will be drawn.

Anonymous said...

I never did find the silver Cob or Croi chases. Now with the new ones coming out, I'm like, meh. Done with chases, and driving everywhere for nada. Not fun anymore.

And no Event for me, either. I just can't afford it, so not even going to try. Airfare, kennel, event ticket, hotel, SRs - looking at well over $1000. That's a nope.