Sunday, June 26, 2022

Raffles and Sales Lists

I did not think it would take as long as it did, but I think I finally have the sales list sorted out. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had to seriously compose one, and I had no idea I was that out of practice. 

It also didn’t help that there were a few pieces from one of the small collections I bought a while back that needed some serious cleaning up. And there’s just something so relaxing about cleaning horses, you know…

(Are there YouTube videos of people cleaning model horses? If not, there should be…)

Other than a potential upgrade I bought yesterday (because the opportunity presented itself), I don’t think there will be any significant additions to it between now and then. The only question is going to be just how many of the boxed models I’ll be able to get in the car on top of the bins and miscellaneous stuff I have to bring (there are so many bodies!) 

I also feel like I may have made some wrong decisions on what to sell. I’ve never had to intentionally leave stuff home before, and it just feels wrong. But I’m not renting a truck, and I’m not shipping a darn thing, and that’s that. 

I was also unsure about pricing, but I decided to go with the same pricing scheme I’ve always gone with: cheap! I do have a few nice vintage items, variations, and I might bring a CCA Gloss or two if they fit, but most of my stuff is well below the 50 dollar threshold, and the majority is under 25. 

If people think they can resell my stuff at BreyerFest, they’re welcome to try. (I have seen… attempts, before.) I’ll take my cut and move along.

Anyway, today’s the first day I’ve had a chance to skim the program, and I finally got a good look at the Raffle Models:

Not crazy about the names for obvious reasons (ugh, such a cliché). I’m still a little cool to the new Zafirah mold – I’m sure I’ll like her better in person because that’s usually how things work with Breyer photos. But I also tend to be a bit old school when it comes to my Arabians, so her attenuated look is a little concerning. 

But her paint job looks lovely and I do like Dapple Gray Pintos in general, and I am definitely not turning her down if my number gets drawn. 

I like the Troubadour mold better, obviously, though the paint job is a little… goofy? Silver Dapple Morgans tend to be a little more conservatively marked than other breeds that carry the gene, which is kind of why it took a while for it to be identified in the first place. 

That one will hurt a little more when I will inevitably will not get drawn for it, though it would be fitting since the one time I was drawn for a raffle was for another goofily dappled Morgan: Showboat! 

I don’t think it will happen because I unintentionally manifested a Holographic Silver Uffington on this blog last year, and I am pretty sure the Universe is not going to be as accommodating this time around.   

By the way, I did make an attempt to watch a movie last night: I fell asleep about two-thirds of the way in. Maybe next weekend, if I’m not completely exhausted by all the BreyerFest prep by then... 


Adah R. (Spotted Dreams Studio) said...

Wish I was going to in-person BF, I'd totally be shopping at your space! And probably be buying waaaayyyy too much stuff lol.

Anonymous said...

After feeling so included for Breyerfest the last two years, this year I feel so incredibly left out. I almost didn't bother with getting an online ticket except there were two workshops I wanted to see. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll do anything more than watch my two workshops. Seeing everyone else there getting to do and see more of Breyerfest is just kind of depressing. Also the lack of access to SRs may be the nail in the coffin for Breyerfest for me. Collecting Breyers is an expensive hobby, but much more so if you are not in the US. Being able to buy SRs directly from Breyer was such a treat.

Anonymous said...

Breyer announced a couple of weeks ago that virtual ticket holders will be able to buy the SR’s. It will be a blind draw/Gambler’s Choice deal of the SR’s not sold at BF but you’ll still be able to buy directly from Breyer.

Betsy in WI said...

I will be looking to shop at your space (and introduce myself!) since this is my first time at Breyerfest. I considered trying to bring things to sell/swap but i think I'd rather post online for BF pickup. Hoping to find one of those cute Christmas Clydes that I missed last year. And maybe a bighorn sheep.