Thursday, June 23, 2022

Not Dead, Just Tired

After finishing up all my other obligations, I am now able to work on my BreyerFest stuff free and clear, but I felt I was entitled to a day off before that madness begins. 

I am hoping to have the Sampler at least half written by the end of this weekend, which will also be punctuated by periodic episodes of garden weeding and watering, as necessary. And if there is time, I might even watch a movie or two!

(Spoiler Alert: there will not be time for movies.)

My VIP ticket packet came earlier this week:

Nice! I know some people are trying to figure out stuff according to the numbers on the tickets, but I am not going to bother trying. I figure the system is probably about as complicated as the one that fulfills the orders at the warehouse, and we also know those are not necessarily done in chronological order…

There was some freaking out a few days ago about a rumor that Stein was a VIP sell out, but I am ignoring that as the usual social media noise. People in the hobby – well, in most hobbies in general – are so eager to find any confirmation of their worst fears that they’ll seize on any bit of information, no matter how dubious.

I have no doubt there will be few, if any, leftovers of him available at the end of the event, but I also don’t think everyone who bought a VIP pack designated him as one of their selections. I didn’t! Some All-Access ticket buyers will get them. Maybe not a lot, but some!

I am kind of curious to see what I’ll be getting on the AA ticket I get with my volunteer ticket. As long as I don’t end up with duplicates of what I preordered on my VIP ticket (Franz, and the Gummi Bears) I think I’ll be good.

(I know, I know, I probably didn’t need to buy the VIP ticket, except that the convenience of it all was a big draw.)

I did mark Stein as my first choice on the AA ticket, so If I get Stein, that’s awesome. But if I don’t, I’m also not blowing a hole in my BreyerFest budget to get one. That money is earmarked for something Vintage: the Dapple Gray Belgian, the Albino Five-Gaiter, or a Matte Black Poodle are all pretty high on my search list this year. 

While we’re in the neighborhood of the topic, I will have some exciting news soon about some of my volunteer duties at BreyerFest this year! (I am not trying to be coy: I do not want to spill the beans until all the details and scheduling are completely hammered out.)

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