Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A Game of Wanting

I put in my lone entry for the True Blue Exclusive Event; as I’ve said before, I’m not optimistic, especially since so many hobbyists are treating it like a Lotto drawing. 

The Traditional for the event – Bondi – is a Light Dapple Gray on the Valegro mold, and it appears to be Chalky as well as Glossy. He’s beautiful and I want him, but that’s not up for me to decide.

I won’t go to the secondary for this one either because the math doesn’t work out for me. It’s a pretty simple equation, really:

Gloss + Chalky + Valegro + Exclusive Event Model = Unaffordable.

The next Premier Club release is a new Fjord Mare named Astrid, and I also love her. I think I’ll be okay waiting for a more plentiful Regular Run or Special Run, though. I don’t want to get too attached to her, because I had my dreams dashed with the previous Fjord release Henry when they made him the 2015 BreyerFest Diorama Prize Truffle.

(Oddly, I wasn’t as upset with the 18-piece WEG 2010 reissue; maybe because I knew I never had a shot at that one?)

The Spring Decorator release is a Flag-themed Translucent Esprit name Old Glory. I actually like him more than most of the previous patriotic horses – no kinda weird bloody red points, yay! – but I’ll probably take a pass on him, too. Too much stuff, not enough room, others love him more than I do, all that jazz. I think I’ll like him more in person, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

And finally, there’s this pretty little girl:

Sigh. You know how long I’ve been wanting a black or gray variation of the Appaloosa Performance Horse color? On anything? A very long time. Knowing that this Test Color is going to be out there, and probably not at my house ever, is discomforting.  


PixelPerfectStables said...

If I am lucky enough to win the SBW I promise to bring her to BreyerFest in the future so you can meet her! She would be a lifer here (my favorite mold) unless I were to trade her for a different SBW OOAK in the future. I don't want be that person that tries to amass all the OOAKs and keeps others who love the mold just as much from ever owning one <3 I know there's a few people who do that with molds and that's their choice, I don't judge them for it but it's not the energy I want in my life.
I think this would be a great color for Breyer to use in the VC someday!

Salem said...

Your comment on future RRs on the new Fjord has me thinking 🤔. Henry is so typey that it limits the number of colors that work on him, other than decorators. What are the chances that the new girl will have an alternate mane that adds to her versatility?

Boulder Sheep said...

Having gone down the rabbit hole of "kvit" (a double-dilute in the relatively limited Fjord palatte), it looks like approximately five or six true to breed color variations, and then there are mane variations (castle cut, points), and then the inevitable splash pinto because reasons, then into decorator land. The various duns can have brown or black points, and more or less striping - and never fear, there will be a loud appaloosa, because that's what collectors like. I mean, thoroughbreds are "dark bay or brown" with the occasional chestnut or gray tossed in, and yet Breyer makes hay while the sun shines with exactly one Standing Thoroughbred being a color in the majority of living members of the breed.

I've already seen a lovely custom Lyric with braided mane (I thought it had been castled, but my vision sucks.) And I apparently was one of the thousands who didn't win entry to True Blue: I would have been as mercenary as I am with Goldfinch. But honestly, I'm ecstatic to have joined the Premier Club this year with both Fireheart and now Astrid: I'm two for two with collecting for my own heart's desire there.