Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Missing Unicorn

Anyway, something short again today because I have business to attend to. 

In case you were wondering, yes, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so busy of late. It’s gonna be… terrifying but exhilarating at the same time, kind of like my Chasing the Chesapeake experience. 

(If she behaves, it may even include a Vita cameo!)

As I’ve been sifting through my craft supplies, I’ve been sorting some of them into boxes for possible ready-to-go crafting opportunities: we’re talking “not until at least the Fall” territory here, though.

One of those projects is creating a Little Bits/Paddock Pal Carousel similar to the one that was planned as a holiday catalog series in the mid-1980s. Only one piece – the pink and mauve Morgan – was officially released, and unmounted/undrilled white Unicorns with baby blue manes and tails showed up a short time later at the Riegsecker’s store in Shipshewana, Indiana. 

(They were the folks who were contracted to do the tack and mounting.)

I already have a small assortment of Paddock Pal/Little Bits bodies assembled for this project – culled from the unsellable detritus from body and box lot purchases – but do you know which body is the toughest to find right now?

Of all things, the Unicorn! He hasn’t been in regular production for over 15 years. The last regular run one was the #1652, in a pearly white with green points (obviously not the lavender fellow above, who was just the one I happened to have most readily available). He was in production from 2005 through 2006, and “reissued” as a Special Run for Kmart in 2007. 

I’m not sweating it right now because that project is still a long way from being started. But it did strike me pretty funny that we’ve been getting Unicorns hand over fist lately, but the first Breyer mold designed specifically and exclusively as a Unicorn has basically been as elusive as the real thing for over a decade. 

Why has this not been issued in a Painting Kit already, complete with glitter and holographic stickers? I am not the target demographic for painting kits in general, but I would buy that. 

(Well, okay, I did buy a Suncatcher Painting Kit in January, but it was half-priced clearance merchandise and involved Translucent Stablemates. Duh.)


Anonymous said...

I had one of the Littlebit unicorns as a kid in the 80's. When I first started remaking, I promptly cut off his horn, filled in his hooves and painted him up as a Friesian. :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I knew it had been a while but 15+ years?! The blue haired uni was a grail of mine that I hunted down years ago, at one of my first BFs. (When there was the vendor tent outside the big arena — that long ago!)

Big congrats on the seminar! You're gonna do fan-freakin-tastic, I know it. Can't wait to see if Vita shows up! ;D

Boulder Sheep said...

Squee! I am so looking forward to your seminar! (So far as unicorns, I've wanted Breyer to make one with a lion tail and split hooves, as a Medieval Unicorn, for ages. Carry on.)