Tuesday, December 29, 2020

This Year

This year can kiss my pasty white butt.

I had crafted a much longer and more thoughtful post for today (well, now yesterday), but my computer crashed and took that file with it; all that remains of that original effort is the title above and the photo below:

Anyone who has seen the contents of my car or the current state of my office will realize that I can make no great claims to willpower; indeed, if this year has shown, I am all too willing to succumb to my immediate impulses. 

The displayer of 70th Anniversary Stablemates remained unopened until the 25th because there was/is literally stuff on top of stuff: I simply have not had the time or space to do it. But at least in this case, as the photograph above has demonstrated, it was worth the wait.

I still want the Platinum Brishen, but not before I finish cleaning up my office and my workspace. (I did manage to clean up my sewing table today. While waiting for the computer to finishing uncrashing, sure, but still...)

For the moment, like so many of us, I simply want the year to be over and done with. I want to put all the troubles of the past 12 months in a tidy little box, put the box in our fancy new garbage incinerator and toast some marshmallows to the flames.

And the thing is that, on paper, I had a pretty good year. We all made it through the year relatively healthy, my finances are in good shape, I have acquired a number of (what I had assumed were unattainable) grails, and even my previously neglected garden is looking presentable now. 

But if I, someone who is fire phobic, felt like I had a rough enough year that I wanted to set it proverbially aflame, I can only imagine what it has been like for others who have not been so fortunate.


Anonymous said...

Awe, your Indian Pony is very pretty!

I managed to get one at Tractor Supply at the very beginning of the fall season. There were several things I would have loved to have gotten but could only afford a few Stablemates and the Tidal Wave classic Arabian at the time. I thought I would have ALL SEASON to shop the Breyers there.

Well, with the pandemic and not wanting catch something to bring home to my family I hardly shopped at all, much less something "fun" like TSC, and when I did, they were out of the things I wanted (beautiful pinto Winx SR, sigh!) so I never got another chance at them. :( Sometimes the time to buy a model is when you see it.......

But I have my beautiful Indian Pony as a lucky find. Congrats on your pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

PS. The dappled blue/gold Indian Pony looks great sitting next to Tidal Wave.......err, I mean High Tide! I have mine hanging out together. :)

Corky said...

Platinum Brishen? I thought the other chase in this set was a platinum Alborozo... ?

ANDREA said...

The Stablemates at my area TSCs were obliterated from the get go. When I went into my local TSC Wednesday last week all that was left was a couple of High Tides and some Styling Heads.

Suzanne said...

I think a lot of us accumulated more horses than we intended to this year! Stuck at home, thinking of better times, Ebay never far away...

Actually I don't have that excuse, being an "essential worker" of the unskilled type :^)

Ah, the yard here looks so much better under 5" of snow!

Boulder Sheep said...

First comment EVAH, if only because I completely relate to the accessibility of eBay, the misery of 2020, and getting back into collecting after a 40 year hiatus. It started with just one childhood Hartland, then escalated with being an evacuee during the fires and replacing a pair of long-lost Shetland ponies for a friend. And for me (the St Bernard chewed up mine, around 1793. Um, 1973 but I could be off by a century or two.) And I always wanted an Alabaster one, and hey, look at Merrylegs, and surely now that I am a grown-up I *deserve* Big Ben, finally? And Cryptic, because skeleton sooo cooool?

So many changes, so many gorgeous models, and finally a New Year!