Friday, December 25, 2020

Blessed Jól

As far as this year’s Christmas Surprise models goes, there were only a few colors/molds/options I would have considered for purchasing, and darn it all, Reeves somehow managed to perfectly thread the needle with a sparkly, translucent Icelandic Pony named Jól:

I’ve been dreaming of a clear translucent Traditional release ever since I saw Marney’s Transparent Belgian a lifetime ago, so that’s the one out of this trio I want the most. But I am just happy to get one at all, considering that they sold out in, what, 45 minutes?

I know the whole “12 random Glossy Black Coals” gimmick is at least partly responsible for the swiftness of the sellout, which is one reason why I wish they wouldn’t do it at all. I’d rather have collectors buy things because they like them and want them, not because they think they might be able to win the model horse version of the Lotto.   

And also because the distribution of said Coals the past two years didn’t appear to be completely equitable anyway. Unfortunately, the way the distribution system is set up it’s probably impossible to completely remove the possibility of someone getting two Coals.

When I make my decision about buying, the possibility of a Coal never enters into it. Most of my model horse luck is a consequence of 40(!) years of research and living in a model horse-rich environment. And, on very rare occasions, a bit of good timing.

But the luck of the random draw? Nope, never me. 

Apparently there has been a lot of grumbling about this year’s Christmas Surprise and I’m not entirely sure why? While some of the particulars are, by nature of the promotion itself, a surprise (the mold, the colors), everything else about this year’s promotion was pretty darn standard. Boring, even.

Don’t like the colors, the mold, the concept, the price? Go spend your money on something else. That’s what I would have done. And might still do, depending on what shows up on the Internet over the next week or so. 

I did think that the Fjord mold was going to get the nod this year because of the Berries Pony Goji earlier this year. It had been out of production for a while, and when you run a mold, you don’t run it for just a few hundred pieces, you know?


TxMiniatureHorse said...

I didn't get the angst either. Don't like it, don't buy it. Disappointed in it? Wait till next year. SOMEBODY likes it, loves it.... it sold out in less than an hour.

I got mine, and will be happy with any of the colors (although I'm not fond of the red, because, well, I'm not fond of red... :D )

Julie said...

I keep saying: If you don't like the model, don't buy it.
It's not a hard concept.
While this year's Christmas special wasn't for me, I did purchase one for a friend that wanted it.

Corky said...

Decorators and clearware are not my thing, but I know lots of collectors were over the moon about these guys, and that's a good thing!

JJ Mo said...

I think they are very neat. I hope Breyer makes some SM versions of them eventually. <3

Yvonne said...

Might be a good year for me, since no one seems to want the red and I LOVE it! Will be happy with any of them, but seems like trading for a rd will be easy! And a Coal, well...that would just be a nice way to top off a crappy year, but won't hold my breath!