Thursday, September 3, 2020


By the time I found out about the Tractor Supply Specials being online on their web site yesterday, the 30 percent off discount was effectively no longer operative – everything was listed as “no longer available”.

I figured the sale was some sort of mistake somehow anyway – why on Earth would they be on sale before they had even shipped them to stores yet? – and I figured I’d rather wait and handpick anyway.

There was probably also an element of hobbyists… taking advantage of the situation and ordering multiples, especially the Black Pinto Emerson Eclipse and the Christmas Horse Shannondell.

Tractor Supply Specials are not that limited and they will restock both, so have some patience and don’t give in to the not-so-nice people who might have gotten lucky enough to actually get one or more at the discounted price.

As we’ve learned with Vita, rewarding unpleasant behavior just leads to more unpleasant behaviors. Scalpers have less incentive to be scalpers if you don’t buy from them.

Same thing goes with Web Specials and other stuff like that. I just don’t understand to impetus for someone to buy a Web Special from someone else – sometimes at a significant markup – when they haven’t finished pulling the waitlist yet.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people who get drawn after purchasing it from someone else. Sure, I never get pulled from the waitlist, but I’ve also learned that if I wait long enough, I’ll eventually get what I want anyway, at a price not much more than the original offering.

It took me years to get a 1984 Just About Horses Saddlebred Weanling at a reasonable price. And a Golden Charm Man o’ War, too. And most of my Hagen-Renakers. And the thing that’s currently on its way to me.

(But let’s get this out of the way: Marshall is probably never going to happen.)

Sure, I would have loved to have gotten any of this year’s TSC Specials at the discounted price, but I don’t have access to the Internet most of the day and I am not even sure where my phone is most of the time. It was unlikely to begin with, and I have to be okay with that.


Anonymous said...

I've checked the TSC website and I haven't seen any of the new 2020 special runs...maybe you can send me a link?

timaru star ii said...

Andrea I couldn't agree more. You have exactly described why I'm not a member of the Premiere Club. I get the Premiere releases I want at the price I want, and all it costs me is a little patience.

I think technology is training the populace to behave like Pavlovian dogs. The dogs seem to have a pretty short-term outlook.

Sorry about the bull though.

Christi said...

TSC usually has a toy sale in October, or at least they have the last few years. 20% off, I think, but I don't remember for sure. I do know it's in October, because they also send out birthday coupons if you're in their "Neighbors Club" thing, and you can't use that coupon with the toy sale. Led to much confusion last year or the year before when I tried to use my birthday coupon.