Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Stablemate Freakout No. 6051

I know you know that I know things, but the fact that one of the newly revealed shrinkified Stablemates is the Missouri Fox Trotter mold in that fabulous Fleabitten Dapple Gray I was just waxing eloquent about is not one of the things I knew.

This is yet another total coincidence, I swear.

In fact, I am always double-checking myself to make sure that I am being extra discreet about the things I have a privilege to know about. It genuinely freaks me out to accidentally reveal things even if I had no idea I was actually revealing it ahead of time.

I wish that sort of predictive power worked with lottery numbers and other contests involving cash money. Life would be a lot... different.

Anyway, here is the short video they about them on Instagram:

I figured this Blind Bag Assortment was going to involved Stablematized things when they released the picture of it the other day: you don’t just drop a picture of a blind bag like that for a run-of-the-mill blind bag mix.

What surprised me about it is that technically, there are only three previously-unknown-to-us Stablematized Traditionals in the assortment: the Fox Trotter (swoons), the Fell Pony Emma (screams uncontrollably) and the Indian Pony (collapses on floor, dead).

I didn’t expect the Clydesdale to be Woodgrain either: the only previously Woodgrained Stablemates were the BreyerFest Keychains from (ulp!) 1999. Including the G2 Clydesdale and Andalusian

(I see what you did there, guys!)

As for who the Chase pieces are going to be, my top three guesses:

  • Rugged Lark: Maybe that April Fool’s photo was a total fake out!
  • Big Ben: He’s the logo horse for the 70th Anniversary Celebration merchandise, and he’s yet to show up anywhere. Moody molds shrink really well (Emma and Brishen, hello) so duh…
  • Alborozo as… Alborozo. Which would be perfect, really. With the “Super-chase” piece being either the Early Bird Alegria or one of the Auction Alborozos. Plus his silhouette is on the bag. 

Like everyone else, I need a case of these. Reselling duplicates is not going to be hard, I suspect, as many people will be buying duplicates to replicate their favorite molds in all their respective Traditional-sized colors.

The Indian Pony and the Fighting Stallion, especially.

Oh, and the Stablemate Best of BreyerFest Raffle Model Commemorative Set Numero Uno is also pretty great. Funny how that news was such a big deal back on… Monday?!


pawprint said...

I thought of you immediately when I saw the mini Fox Trotter, but I didn't suspect you of having any insider info about what was coming. But I agree with everyone else -- this set is a killer. Note to Breyer: it may not be a good business practice to slay your customers.

timaru star ii said...

In actuality, you should first scream uncontrollably and THEN swoon. Like in Haggar the Horrible: First pillage, Then rape, THEN burn.

Christi said...

I think the super-chase will be an Alby, but I wonder if the FAS might not be the other chase. Maybe in vintage decorator colors? I'd like to see a mini Western Horse, but I expect the tack would be an issue.

And I'd better start hunting for another SM shelf. I just got a large one in April, but yeah, I think I'm not the only person who'll see a SM population explosion happening. And I just weeded out 70+ duplicates from the Walmart blind bag hunts.

Little Black Car said...

I screamed when I saw the Indian pony. I was succeeding in cutting back on my insane Stablemate habit but if Breyer is going to start shrinking vintage molds I'm toast.