Friday, May 22, 2020

NPOD Grab Bags

Trying to take it easy today. I have a very busy extended weekend ahead of me and just chilling today seems… like a nice idea, no?

Anyway, Jaime confirmed for us that the “Warehouse Finds” thing is indeed an online version of the NPOD, with various – and unidentified – goodies basically packed grab-bag style, at various price points from “not too expensive” to “expensive”.

It’s a bonus benefit exclusive to Adult ticket purchases, and limited to one purchase per account for the whole weekend. As opposed to the other goodies that you can purchase every day, depending on the type of ticket you’ve purchased.

That sounds super-duper fair and actually something I hope they replicate at BreyerFests going forward, with some modifications (i.e. no box shaking, no opening until you’ve cleared the register, or maybe you purchase a claim ticket instead and go to another location to pick it up).

The only additional thing I’d like them to implement is that they include some documentation with any actual Samples you might get – doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a sheet of paper with the basics. (“[This Model] is a sample from the Breyer Archive Room and sold at BreyerFest 2020, blah blah etc.”)

Us Collectibility Nerds love that kind of nonsense. Give us more paper!

In short, I approve, and I hope I can snag one! (Maybe the fact that my circadian rhythms are completely out of whack will work to my advantage on this? Hmm.)

Seeing as I am the kind of person who once injured herself reading, I am not overly curious about the imminent reveal of the Pop-Up Store Crystal. (Unless it’s a replica of Emma. Then maybe.) Jaime mentioned a third as-yet-unannounced SR for this store, and that I am curious about.

Actually, I just realized that I’m not quite sure how all of the individual stores/shopping areas are going to be set up. (A single page with links? One big store? Virtual rooms you wander in?) As I mentioned above, my weekend is gong to be extremely busy (Only a couple hundred seedlings to transplant. No biggie!) and I am going to put off doing a deeper reading of the latest updates and changes until later in the weekend.

Especially since my brain is mostly focused on all the fancy cheeses I impulse-bought at Kroger today. (Mmm, Welsh Cheddar!)

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