Monday, January 21, 2013

The Luxury Of ...

My schedule is finally returning to (what I would consider) manageable and/or normal.

The second week of the chaos wouldn’t have been so bad if just about everyone in the district hadn’t come down with some sort of nastiness or another: for a while there I thought I was, literally, going to be the last person left standing.

(A rather high percentage of people I work with, alas, do not believe in things like coats, gloves, hand sanitizers or vaccinations. And don’t even get me started on dental hygiene! Sigh.)

It’s going to take at least a couple days to get my circadian rhythms back to normal, though, so it might be a few more days yet before y’all start hearing from me on an individual basis.

Thankfully, nothing particularly model-horse newsworthy appeared to have happened over the past several days, other than the notice about the Vintage Club Commander shipping. (Note to self: add "need to pay for this ASAP" on list of things-to-do.)

Just because he wasn’t my first choice/voting choice doesn’t mean that I am any less enthused about the prospect of his arrival. I am not one of those mold snobs that only prefers a handful of models, or the sculpts of just one or two mold designers.

There are certain molds and sculptors I like more - or less - than others, but I don’t go out of my way to insult them, or browbeat the aficionados of molds on my "less favored" list. (Well, maybe the Silver, a little. Nearly 30 releases in 10 years? Enough already!)

I’m sure several of you can immediately call to mind certain individuals who seem to have made it their hobby life’s work. They think they are being clever, when in fact they come off as "mean girls".

I’m not saying that they necessarily mean girls in real life - I know for a fact that many of them are not. But so much of who you are is defined by how and by what you choose to express yourself about on the Internet that what you are in "real life" is becoming almost irrelevant nowadays.

(Another reason why I don’t "do" Facebook: I’d like to think of my friends and cohobbyists as something greater - or better - than the sum of the thoughts they express there.)

Some Breyer models are not designed specifically for you, or by you. Some of us have had that luxury, but most of us will not. Buy what you like, don't buy what you don't like. There's no need to stress out over what other people like. Or dislike.

(Yes, I struggle with that, too. We all do.)

I have a fair number of Five-Gaiters. Not a lot of the rare and/or desirable ones - none of the Decorators, no Woodgrain, Alabasters or Tests. Not even an Albino/Alabaster, or a decent Palomino. (Partially melted. Long story!) But I am rather fond of my early, semi-gloss Sorrel with the gigantic eyewhites. Such a purty boy!


Cindy said...

I totally agree with you Andrea. If peopls would just buy the molds *they* like and not bash the ones they don't. The hobby would be much *nicer*:) Anywho, I'm SO excited to be recieving Commander. I couldn't join the Vintage Club last year. I'm so happy to be in it this year.

Julie said...

I'm a firm supporter of "if you don't like the model then don't buy it."

Anonymous said...

I'm with you guys. I like a horse if I like it. The hobbyist who insist on over analyzing every model are beginning to drive me batty. They are plastic horses not real horses. It doesn't always matter if a b and c don't come together perfectly. The forums on blab are becoming too much. Even the correct anatomy forum was hijacked. There are more than plenty models I don't particularly care for but I usually just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with everything said here, though I have been lucky enough to avoid the meaner side of the hobby thus far.
I truly do not understand why anyone would choose to whine and moan about something as trivial as a plastic horse, much less spend money on it if they've already established that they dislike it. What is the psychology of that - do they decide they have to have every single model, regardless of their feelings about it? Why?
(However, buying a model and then realizing it has flaws or faults and complaining - that at least is somewhat justifiable. For example, I read a thread on Fallen Leaves today concerning the new Marwari model - apparently the ears on each individual model are bent back by hand, and it ends up looking like some kind of bad custom job.)

Concerning your comment about Facebook, I'm pretty anti-FB too. The thought of so much personal information being out on public display freaks me out a little, and so does how widespread it is - the claims that someone without FB may actually be at a social disadvantage are... a bit scary. It's supposed to be an add-on to real life, not a replacement.
Sorry, bit off-topic there!