Saturday, January 12, 2013


I worked nearly 19 hours total on Friday, and nearly 40 over the course of three days. Tired does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. ("Gelatinous" might work.)

I wish they’d get this scheduling issue resolved once and for all. I appreciate the hours and the overtime, but cramming them all in at the end of the week is not cool, especially since it leads entire days off being slept away.

Other than briefly skimming the Internet for breaking news, I haven’t had a whole lot of computer time to myself over those three days. I think that was for the best, considering the lack of sleep put me in a rather, ah, combative state of mind. Didn’t want to start any fights that I’d have to walk away from. What’d be the fun in that?

I did see that Reeves announced what I’m assuming will be the Vintage Club’s "Exclusive Offer" model: the Stretched Morgan in the Performance Horse colorway, named Halo. Yep, the same guy in last year’s group shot photo who was the source of much commentary and speculation.

Some hobbyists are claiming that it’s the second release in the 2013 Vintage Club series, but the wording of the e-mail - that he’s a "Club Exclusive", not a "Release"  - suggests otherwise, to me.

Besides, the two clues given for the second release - "Solid" and "Four on the floor" - don’t quite jibe: there’s nothing about Halo that could be described as "Solid", unless it is a retro/1970s reference to the level of his coolness:

I haven’t given much thought to those clues, by the way. They’re just too vague for me to work with. "Four on the floor" seems to be referencing a standing model (of which there are dozens) and "Solid" could be referring to a solid colorway (likewise).

The first thing that pops in my head is Adios, especially since when I hear "Four on the floor" I think of manual transmissions, street racing and horsepower. A subtle reference to race cars = a subtle reference to racehorses?

Interesting. There’s a Glossy Charcoal Adios, Dapple Gray Man o’ War, and a Gloss Alabaster Quarter Horse Gelding in that group shot: all solid colors, all racehorses. (Okay, the QHG is a bit of a stretch, considering his body type. Close enough.)

I wouldn’t object to any of those guys.

That’s really about the extent of my thinking on the subject, though. Of the three, I think the Charcoal Adios is probably the strongest candidate. A very popular mold, in a very popular vintage color.

Not unlike Halo.


Lynn Isenbarger said...

Interesting blog post - thanks! Where was that picture posted originally? You said something about last year's group shot; is there a link to it?


Anonymous said...

That photo makes me wish I'd joined!

ANDREA said...

The group shot included in this post is the photo they sent out to Vintage Club members last year.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Halo isn't the 2nd release - him being like "Gus" definitely makes more sense. "Solid" would describe Adios in a body-type way... he's pretty solid!

Cindy said...

Well in my email it does say that he is a future release in the Vintage club, not the 'next' one but future. It doesn't have the words "Club Exclusive" anywhere in the email. I joined this year because I love the first guy-Five Gaiter-and I really like Halo also. I'd sure like to see the Charcoal Adios, Alabaster TB Mare & Foal and the Grey Appy/Dapple Running Stallion. I like the Copenhagen Shetland but I think $135.00 would be a bit steep for him considering his size.