Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crystal Clarity

I decided to treat my three days off as actual days off. Didn’t get a whole lot done, other than bake some cookies, but I feel a whole lot better. That counts for something, right?

(White Chocolate Macadamia, with coconut and lime. New recipe, and a total keeper.)

Just to clarify my Facebook stance: I am not anti-Facebook. I am non-Facebook. Anyone who has met me in person knows that I am far from antisocial. I just prefer in-person social interaction: it’s harder for people to be fake to you to your actual face. Having a huge bodycount of friends who barely interact with me in a meaningful way? That's what I have model horses for.

And also: I’m not a big fan of the Facebook business model. Privatizing a huge chunk of the Internet, and monetizing people’s personal information on it? No, thanks.

I am far from a Luddite. I was e-mailing people (at work) in the late 1980s, my first computer was a Mac IIsi, and (like so many people) lost a big chunk of myself in the Internet startup boom/bust in the early Aughts.

I only just barely have a cell phone (for emergencies) but that’s mostly because I’ve been phone-phobic most of my life. If I didn’t do a lot of traveling by myself, I might not even have it at all.

Nonconformist? Well, obviously. Anyone who tells me I have to like or do something is going to get some serious pushback.

This probably explains, in part, my indifference to the latest "Equestral Crystalworks" releases Reeves snuck onto their web site recently: miniaturized versions of the Andalusian, the Silver, and Brishen have been added to the line. There’s an extravagantly long thread on Blab where everyone is falling over themselves with how beautiful and awesome they are. If you wish to avoid such effusions, you can go direct to the source:

Am I the only one out in model horse land who’s just not into these things? I am clumsy and break stuff with disturbing ease. I walk into walls, trip over my own feet, and have fallen out of trees, off of bikes, and down several stairwells. If I were any clumsier, I’d qualify for one of those handicap parking stickers.

That I, as yet, have not broken any bones is a miracle and wonder to all, including me.

Miniaturized Breyers, made out of glass? No freaking way, man. My H-Rs make me nervous enough, and most of them are locked up in china cabinets.

Yeah, I’ve had my share of plastic-Breyer-related injuries over the years, but this is someone who once injured herself while reading. If it's in the house, tripping and falling is an eventuality. The fewer (potentially) sharp things, the better.


IdlewildAcres said...

I'm with you. I have no need for those little glass horses and, also like you, find that super fragile, breakable things tend to make me anxious.

Prior to this blog post of yours, I hadn't even realized that Breyer had released new crystal horses. Feeling the need to educate myself, I clicked the Breyer site link you posted and had a good chuckle over their misspelling of "Majestic."

Xyzzy said...

I didn't know about the new products until now, but having checked the site, I agree with you about the crystal horses on all counts (though I find Breyer's inability to spell "majestic" amusing). Crystal/glass doesn't really interest me, and I've lost enough new-plastic Stablemates' ears to know that breakables still aren't safe around me or my overly curious cats.

I'm pretty much like you regarding communication... However, having just gotten my first smartphone, I now regard my "phone" as a mini-computer that can make calls if needed. (A new company called Ting has cells & service even I can afford.) Also, based on the many people that have felt the need to confide in me, most folks are at least as fake in-person as on Facebook. :-/

Evelyln L. said...

Not to be the total dissenter here:
I, on the other hand, love them!(Depending on the model, of course)
But then I love Swarovski Crystal horses, too.
I guess I'm like a crow, ooh, shiny, sparkly!! hahah!
But I keep my select few in a curio to enjoy and I don't have to worry about accidents or breakage.
: )

Anonymous said...

I like them. However I probably wont get any of them unless they have a sale on them again at some point. And its sad to say I like my model horses more than I like most people. I'm on fb but it is becoming unbearable

Anonymous said...

I like some of them, and do own the Andy and the Huck Bey. I want them to make one of the Pacer and Lonesome Glory.