Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Atli, and Others

Unlike previous Gambler’s Choice releases in the Stablemates Club, I have no clear favorite among Atli’s four different color options: I like them all about equally, and I’ll be happy with whatever one I get!

I do love his name: it’s the Old Norse variation of Attila! The Hungarian part of me is pleased.

The bigger Stablemates news is that I finally picked up the last two Stablemates in the Dollar General set last week: I had to get some wrapping paper for the wedding shower, took a quick fly-by of the toy aisle and spotted them. 

You know, I think the Black Overo one is potentially live show quality! I have been thinking about going all-mini at a live show next year, just for the challenge...

It’s pretty clear now that these particular Stablemates are not nearly as rare as some hobbyists thought they were going to be. It should have been obvious, since they were being sold at Dollar General of all places, but sometimes what should be obvious, isn’t.

My life has been very instructive on this point.

That’s fine by me: I collect what I like even if it happens to be common. If anything, the existence of a lot of expensive or hard-to-obtain pieces dissuades me from pursuing things. That’s part of the reason why I don’t have many Silvers, Othellos, or Esprits. Just the ones I like, and (most importantly!) can afford.

Collecting is no fun if you can’t, you know, collect the things.


Anonymous said...

That black and white ASB is nicer than expected! I bought one too and was pleasantly surprised. - Kelly W

Little Black Car said...

I wanted the gray and got it! But now I'm thinking I might also want the silver as a foal for one of my other models . . . I would have been OK with anything but the decorator, though.

Yvonne said...

Don't forget, the DG black pinto now comes in a version with 4 socks too!

Suzanne said...

I checked my Family Dollars a week or so ago- no Stablemates, but one had a couple of those styrene Classic-scale horses.

I'm amused that folks thought the Stablemates would be rare. I find this puzzling. They appeal to Breyer collectors, who snap them up in part because they probably won't last. If this is a failing experiment, they won't be produced for long, and the collectors are vindicated in a way. But if they are all stashed away by collectors, they'll fail to "recruit" new hobbyists.

Funny, I was thinking along a similar lines- it really does take the fun out of collecting when the horse is unattainable. Even weirder, fellow collectors keeping dozens of the same model & color...

(Okay, I probably have 10 palomino Western Prancers, but they're common, and they're all bodies except one or two!)

GWR said...

I like that the cheapo DG palomino is actually a passable gold champagne.

Our DG always looks like an F5 tornado came through. Not enough (underpaid and undertrained) staff to put product on the floor, or clean up after slobby customers. And they never have the Breyers.

Anonymous said...

Have these Stablemates been found anywhere else but Dollar General?