Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Five-Gaiter’s Friend

FYI: I have not been intentionally absent.

As you might imagine, it’s still absolute chaos here; it feels like all the progress I made over my vacation has been completely obliterated, and I’m both physically and emotionally exhausted. 

I do have a couple of substantial posts “in the pipeline” but to tide you over until I manage to actually get them done, here’s a picture of another recent acquisition:

This cull of the #975 Best Choice release of the Sham mold was purchased from the same seller as my Funky Five-Gaiter. I logged on to eBay, and he was literally right on top of the search page. 

While I am neither a big collector of Culls nor of Shams, dear readers, I took that as a sign.

As you know, my luck with this year’s Web Specials – like so many of you – has been the absolute pits. (Currently glaring at the twenty – twenty! – Midases currently for sale on eBay and MH$P.) I needed to score something special, and this was the opportunity that was presented to me. So I took it.

Will I be keeping him long term? I have no idea. I have friends who would probably be over the moon to have him, and he just might end up with one of them someday. With a few rare exceptions, Culls don’t stick around here too long.

But today? Today he stays.


Suzanne said...

Despite the battle scars- he's beautiful! His shading is more impressive than that of the finished #975. What a happy accident!

Anonymous said...

I'm just so tired of the flipping.

I just don't even care to join the CC next year. What the heck is the point.

I'm a collector, not a flipper. And it seems like it needs to be renamed Flippers Club. 💩

Anonymous said...

Also tired of the flippers. Midas, Bruhhilde, any web special. I buy for myself, or my friends so they get one AT COST.

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...


That is just so neat, I can't even articulate it. Super congrats! Hope things calm down soon.

Holly said...

He's lovely, glad you were able to snag him. I've always been a big fan of the Sham mold.

I recently acquired a huge and beautiful lighted glass display cabinet that will hold 40-60 traditional sized models and display them to their advantage. At the moment I have it all decorated for the holiday, featuring models that fit the theme. The cabinet sits in a prominent spot in the living room where I can enjoy my collection. It's the best addition to the collection this year.