Sunday, July 18, 2021

First Impressions

I’ll try to get the negativity out of the way first, so bear with me here.

I was a little hesitant to say it because Reeves is trying very hard to push the narrative about how positive the experience is. And for most people, I am sure that it is: there is lots of excellent video content on a variety of topics, the store transactions have been pretty smooth (by and large) and the technical bits are better – though some of the video feeds have been glitchy (the last 1.5 hours of Saturday’s Live Feed is basically unwatchable to me, as were some of the archived horse demos.)

But personally I am feeling pretty disconnected from the BreyerFest experience this year, even moreso than last year. I am kind of sad, lonely, and a little bored. I miss seeing my friends in person and I wish I was literally anywhere but in my basement and on my computer right now. 

And in case you were wondering, I’ve been largely avoiding the Archive Room segments. (Which puts me in the extreme minority here, I know.)

I’ve also avoided looking at the Diorama and Costume Contest entries because I had ideas that I didn’t have time to execute, and I know it would bother me to see other people doing them – or winning with them.

I didn’t get a Grab Bag – this is not a surprise – nor did I get a Pollock. The former is more upsetting than the latter, especially since some folks apparently managed to snag more than one, which is not cool. I guess I’ll have to pretend – like I do with waitlists – that they are figments of other people’s imagination.

The aftermarket prices for Pollock right now are a little ridiculous. I was kind of hoping to get one later on if I was not drawn for it, but it looks like the wait might be a very long one, because there is no way I’m paying $350-500 for a 1600-piece Special Run item. 

I won’t even pay that for a Crane, at one-fourth the run size.

While I bought both the Team Matte and Team Glossy magnet, I am a little bummed they did not have a Team Chalky one.

And now for some positives:

The VIP Swag box is very nice: the cloisonne pins alone were worth it. I don’t collect pins, but I also don’t turn them down if they’re offered to me. (I almost have enough newer Breyerfest ones to justify make another quilt for them. Hmm.) 

The Celebration Horse model is lovely and her masking is absolutely perfect.

Kathleen Moody’s Meet-and-Greet was fun. I had no idea that the Five-Gaiter was her favorite mold, but was not at all surprised by her revelation about Tony. 

I think I will love the new Fjord Astrid once she’s available as a Regular Run. (I much prefer the Matte of her Premiere Club release, so she might still be theoretically attainable.)

I give the box for the teeny Vintage Club Yellow Mount an A+, and I actually love all three of the Spooky Stablemates this year. If I’m lucky enough to get any, I am hoping for a Bogeyman. 

The variety of video content has been great, and unlike last year the experience has not turned me off of watching most of it. I’m glad that most of the content will be up through the end of the month, since I’m now in the middle of a kind of involved quilt piecing project (I have been working on it all weekend) and it’ll be good to have that content to keep me company. 

I found it rather reassuring that most of the customizing content was not completely alien to me, too. It was nice to know that my skills are not as out-of-date as I thought they might be! 

I have also been getting lots of positive feedback from my video seminar, and that’s been very heartening, especially since the past couple of months have been pretty tough sledding for me emotionally for reasons I’d rather not talk about publicly. Kind words are never wasted! 

As for whether or not I do more, I have no idea. Now that I know to operate the software and the equipment, it will certainly be easier the second time around.   

I’ll be back in another day or two with more observations and comments. 


Anonymous said...

Your seminar was my favorite, very nicely organized and wonderful photos. Thanks for putting all that work into it!

Anonymous said...

I agree it just doesn't feel like Breyerfest. I basically bought my models Friday morning and that was it. It felt like any other shopping day. other than 10 minutes of telling the computer take my damn money at the beginning of Friday morning when go to cart was slow.

Anonymous said...

For those of us that couldn't attend a "real" Breyerfest, this was great! I really enjoyed myself and there are still a bunch of videos I want to watch. I'm not saying Breyerfest shouldn't be in person, in person is great! But for those of us that never get to travel, we got to feel included in Breyerfest for a change. I'm hoping next year we can have and virtual! :)

Kaivala said...

I enjoyed your seminar very much makes me think the gamble model is clearware as there has been one pretty much every year

Carrie said...

I agree with Anonymous above...for those of us who cannot take the time off work and family to travel to Kentucky and for whom it would be a financial burden to attend a live Breyerfest, this weekend was fantastic! I am glad to hear that a virtual component is planned for future Breyerfests for people like me who always miss out on this event.

Anonymous said...

Loved the virtual, hope they keep it forever. I can't go, not with all the crazy things in my life going on. Spent too much but had fun doing it. :D

Boulder Sheep said...

As an aged collector who only got back into it during the pandemic, I really enjoyed virtual Breyerfest. My sister and I streamed several of the artists live, and were able to text each other with comments ("Oh wow!") during it, then talk afterwards. The seminars and workshops were terrific.

I love the wee Adios, and the new Halloween Stablemate set, so will definitely be on the lookout for them. And I've already traded my extra Uffington for a Seurat, so can't complain there either. It is so highly unlikely I will have the time/finances to attend Breyerfest in July in Kentucky (I am not good with heat and humidity) I am very happy they will probably keep the virtual component.

Still waiting for my VIP swag box (the downside of living in California, in addition to earthquakes, fires, and floods). But overall, I'm happy with the program, happy with the SRs I was drawn for, and pretty pleased with Breyer.

Vajarra said...

I mean I can see both sides, I live too far to attend in person, and health issues would have kept me away this year anyway. It was wonderful to finally be able to participate in one, even virtually, and I really enjoyed all of the videos and live feeds. But I also think being able to go in person would be fantastic, I might try to make it next year if circumstances allow. Though like Boulder Sheep, me + heat and humidity is not a good combo!

How are the SRs determined? I got my first and second choices but it says it's based on your place in "the line", but doesn't say what that is based on. Your order number, your name, magic?

Salem said...

I was happy to be able to participate this year, after spending all of last year fruitlessly refreshing the Store Special page. I think it went as well as can be expected from a virtual event. The best thing was definitely the announcement of a date to look forward to next year, when we may be together again.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you didn't mention anything about the Brighty decorators. I'm assuming that is the 4th release in the Vintage Club...gambler choice Brighty it! Enjoyed your video...well done!

Yvonne said...

I second this! Thank you for your time!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you feel the need to avoid the archive room footage and announce (multiple times) that you're doing so. Those segments were amazing and very informative for hobbyists both old and new. By openly pooh-poohing them and making it seem like they're not worth watching, you're encouraging readers of your blog to do the same, and potentially costing them some great information and glimpses of truly awesome pieces of Breyer history. It's really off-putting.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm not sure why you feel the need to avoid the archive room footage and announce (multiple times) that you're doing so. Those segments were amazing and very informative for hobbyists both old and new. By openly pooh-poohing them and making it seem like they're not worth watching, you're encouraging readers of your blog to do the same, and potentially costing them some great information and glimpses of truly awesome pieces of Breyer history. It's really off-putting."

Because it wasn't HER doing the videos and totally envious of the Kellys. As usual.

AliceinPonyland said...

Thank you so much for your most excellent seminar! I learned a couple of things, even though I've been collecting for 45 years. I hope it is in the cards for you to do more of these videos. I will certainly be looking forward to watching them.
That said, I am looking forward to going back to Kentucky for Breyerfest, as trying to watch any of the videos was very frustrating. Your seminar was one of the few things that didn't glitch out. I really wanted to watch the live feeds, especially for the archive room segments, but it would never load.
Glad they are keeping it open to the end of the month. In the moment, I felt like I was missing the whole event.

Six Leg Nag said...

Your seminar was great and one of the best produced- thank you for demystifying charcoal!
I hope to someday be able to go in person, because yes, even if you got together with friends virtually (as I did on the first day, we had a purchase party and watched some of the live feed) it wasn't as fun as going to an event with a bunch of friends. That said, I'm a ways away from Kentucky so, that's an adventure with a big price tag just on the travel, so I hope they keep some virtual component, even if it's just streams of talks and the ability to buy some of the models.

Yvonne said...

People are pretty brave when they can hide behind a keyboard to post obnoxious, belittling comments when they're not willing to actually use their names and identify themselves! This is YOUR platform Andrea. Say what you want to say and forget about those who choose to be negative (while reading a site they could just skip over. Obviously they take the time to read it - so you must have something to offer!) I love your words of wisdom, your insight, and your knowledge. We old girls gotta' stick together!