Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Das Model

Today’s going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I spent most of the weekend pulling weeds and dodging tornados:

Armada is where my infamous local flea market is, the place where many of the things you see here were found. Though I haven’t been there since the pandemic began, for many reasons.

And for obvious reasons the paper Samplers are still delayed. Just a few more days though, I think.

But back to happier thoughts! Like a thing I bought!

Although superficially similar to the 1987 Just About Horses Special Run, this Trakehner appears to be a Test for the Samsung Woodstock, on the Morganglanz mold. And since I’ve been casually window shopping for both Trakehners and Morganglanzes, I kind of had to have him.

In terms of Trakehners, the only ones that seem out of my reach are the Gloss Hicksteads, and the Solid Chestnuts that randomly popped up in Grab Bags back in 2008. I’m not sure I am even going to count the Trakehner Society Trakehner, because unless it comes with paperwork or an ironclad provenance, I am going to find all of the ones advertised as such extremely suspect.

This Chestnut Trakehner is also slightly suspect, but there was enough there to hang my hat on, so I went with it. I try to limit myself to only a handful of extravagant purchases a year, and this was it. I wanted the Classic Andalusian Stallion Unicorn from the same sellers too, but I decided not to push my luck after winning the Trakehner.

I am not going to see him as a portent of next year’s German-themed BreyerFest; I am a little skeptical that they’d pull the mold out again after it was used last year for Thorn. Morganglanz might be a nice choice for a Diorama Contest prize, but I’ve already committed myself to getting my ENTIRE STORAGE UNIT OF CRAFT PROJECTS (no lie) done instead. 

Besides, all the ideas I already have in my head are either too obscure (making a Breyer look like a Steha!) or kinda terrifying (I don’t have the legs for a Klaus Nomi costume anyway.) Kraftwerk, Fritz Lang, Der Blaue Reiter….

(Am I the only one that thinks a Wedgewood Blue Cleveland Bay with a darker blue mane and tail would be perfect for the Decorator offering, though? Pretty please?)

I am also thinking that if BreyerFest next year (crosses fingers) is in person, that it might be time I host an Ice Cream Social/Meet and Greet at the Kentucky Horse Park at some point during the weekend. The idea is only notional at this point, and dependent on my getting my nonsense together. But if it looks possible, that’s where my extra energies will be directed.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning that auction! I, too, was drooling over that CAS unicorn . . . sigh.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Love that mold, too many people don't like him. Congrats!

Carrie said...

That Trak is a nummy one, congrats! I like the one masked sock & the 2 not. Do you have a Samsung Woodstock as companion?

But I have to ask what's with the tornadoes here this year. Having worked in a form of emergency services for over a decade now, there have been more tornadoes\sightings this summer than all the rest of my years combined. There was another one Tuesday evening not far from me, yeesh!

Kaivala said...

Nice catch there I was thinking German and their Olympic gold and how many of German breed horses tend to end up in Olympics how much of that will show in prost themed bf? For all you who could attend I hope there is a live bf next year I hope people get vaccinated enough for that to be a safe reality

Suzanne said...

"Today’s going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I spent most of the weekend pulling weeds and dodging tornados"

-At first I read that as "dodging tomatoes"-I thought, damn! The fallout from simply sharing an opinion!

The Trakehner is gorgeous. That's a mold that's really grown on me.

Mary Lineman said...

I also love the Trakehner mold and I LOVE this guy! Where did you find him???I also am very excited about next years German theme! Bring on the Warmbloods! I just wanted to thank you for the seminar you made for Breyer colors. It was great!!! So much fantastic information in one video! Having collected for over 40 years, I still enjoy learning more about my favorite brand name. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video and I look forward to future videos that you make about our favorite plastic horses!