Saturday, July 10, 2021

Getting Colorful

I hadn’t planned on saying anything more about the BreyerFest Auction pieces, but if a bag of money fell out of the sky RIGHT NOW, I wouldn’t hesitate to bid on pretty much on any of the ones in that last batch, up to and including the Metallic Red Pinto Georg everyone is dumping on because “there’s not enough paint on it”:

That’s another one of those popular hobby arguments I don’t understand either. I think he’s neat, and if that’s an idea they were pursuing for a future Christmas Day release, all I can say is: Keep going in that direction. I would definitely buy metallic red or green pinto horses. Basecoated or not. 

I am also really digging that new Fireheart mold – but I do prefer my Mustangs a bit on the “chonky” side. I’ve been trying to gently nudge my Mesteno’s Mother custom in that direction, too, but she’s being uncooperative at the moment. (She is looking better than she did a couple of days ago, though.)

Anyway, the Sampler is coming along adequately, and my garden is not an overgrown jungle yet, so everything is… more or less fine here? I am definitely in my “Wish I Was Doing Almost Anything Else At This Point” Phase, though.

I can’t remember if I ever showed you the Spectrum I bought last year when they were briefly available again on the Breyer web site. Originally I wasn’t going to buy her, as the Rainbow Decorators normally don’t do much for me, but the in-hand pictures finally sold her:

I think also the fact that the colors on this Bobby Jo are a little more intense than some of the previous Rainbow Decos, especially her screaming red-orange head and neck. Red-Orange was my absolute most favorite color when I was nine and I didn’t understand why everybody else didn’t love it too. And there’s a little part of me that still thinks that way. 

Bobby Jo is currently one of the betting favorites for the BreyerFest Surprise model, and I don’t disagree that it’s a contender with Desatado, Wyatt and maybe Bluegrass Bandit. But that’s as far as I’ll go in terms of speculation. My head is full of words that need to get committed to (virtual) paper, and I need to hop back to it.


Anonymous said...

It’s an okay idea for the $95 holiday price range, definitely not the thousands an auction model generally commands. The models this year are definitely not up to the usual quality, but especially that one.

Anonymous said...

Bluegrass Bandit is probably out of the running now that she was a Web Sr.

Boulder Sheep said...

How funny, I haven't seen anyone harshing on the lovely metallic pinto, but then I read the comments. I am loving the roan Fireheart, and the black Emerson, and the black Akhal-Teke, and the Old Timer, and I did my bit to feel like I was in the game and did some pre-bidding, but hey ho, I do not live the kind of life to be able to justify thousands for a plastic horse. Even a really frickin' gorgeous plastic horse.

I am still looking for Spectrum, and kicking myself for not picking it up on the website. I'm betting on Dundee for the Surprise, but I would die, ecstatically, if it were Bobby Jo.Or a Ram, wouldn't *that* be a Surprise?

Carrie said...

I would be thrilled if the Surprise Model were Bobby Jo! But I am also thinking Dundee is more likely.

Salem said...

I have to admit I was not impressed with the first round, but the second group has some thrills. I keep remembering when I was a much younger collector and would enter BreyerFest through the KHP Visitors Center, where the first thing I saw every year was the clear walk-around cases filled with eye-popping auction models. I knew I could never collect at that level, so they were lovely unobtainium to whet my appetite for the event. Watching the auction online is better than nothing, and I can dream of winning the lottery along with everyone else. ;D

Holly Harris said...

My favorites are the Akhal-Teke and the Hamilton; but I have a rule about buying models that cost more than my real horse, so it's out of the question. I really hope that Breyerfest 2022 will be a live event at the KHP. I did Virtual Breyefest in 2020 and based on that experience I decided to skip it this year.

Qatgirl said...

Lol, Unknown, that's a great rule, not buying models that cost more than your real horse! We paid $1,000 for my Buster, so my rule would be to not buy models that cost... umm, let's say a quarter of what my real horse cost? I'm cheap. To be honest, my inside "gut" rule says not to buy models that cost more than 10% of my real horse!