Monday, July 12, 2021

Entering the Homestretch

Taking another brief break here – one last piece of the Sampler is being difficult. Everything else about is essentially done, except for a little bit of proofreading and formatting.

Apparently everybody is up in arms about how the sales of optional, non-ticket items are being handled at BreyerFest this time around. Instead of the punctuated restocking that left us clinging to our computer screens all weekend last year, they’re going to dump everything on the web site the moment everything opens up on Friday.

Honestly, I doesn’t bother me that much. In some ways, I think this way might be better: instead of three days of anguish and despair, it’ll only be three hours. Then we can move on with our weekend and enjoy all of the other content on the site without having to worry if something restocked somewhere. 

Other than the swag and the Warehouse Finds, a lot of the optional purchases are backorder-able anyway. I’m not interested in the Crystal (I break things) or the plush (Vita eats them) and while the ceramic mug is pretty sweet, it’s not going to break my heart if I don’t get one. 

The only thing I’m slightly worried about is the Stablemate, but they’re making 6500 pieces, and that’s kind of a lot. And not everybody likes Stablemates or Decorators or Decorator Stablemates, so seriously everybody, just chill. They only made 2000 of Eire last year, and they’re still only selling for 25-30 bucks on eBay. 

If the prices do go a little nuts, wait a few months. They’re not going to turn into something else while you wait for the prices to go down. Heck, the Slyders are almost affordable now, and I actually saw a Crane for less than 300 dollars on eBay the other day, so all things are possible!

(FYI: I managed to resist the temptation for the five minutes or so it was up.)

I will try for a Warehouse Find lot; while my computer is definitely better, I am not expecting a better outcome than last year, which was zilch. I do need a new umbrella for reals (we’re in for another week of nearly constant rain here) so I might put that on my tab if I get a chance, too.

Other than that, I’m just going to try and enjoy my extended weekend. I’ll watch some of the customizing videos because that’s where my head is right now, but not much of the history or collecting stuff because I have opinions, and it would just involve me yelling at the computer screen, and I don’t have time for that. 

So I have a feeling my weekend is going to involve me not actually “being” at BreyerFest much anyway, which might be for the best. I’ve got quilts to finish and a Mesteno custom to fuss over. This is what she looks like right now, by the way:

Eh, not bad, considering how rusty my skills are and what I’ve got to work with. More supplies are already on order, and I plan on stopping at the local military miniatures store on Thursday as part of my Mini Simulated BreyerFest Shopping Trip, to see what other kinds of fun tools they have in stock.


timaru star ii said...

I like your attitude. It is much like mine. You're lucky to have a military miniatures within reach; we had one about 4 hours away and then it closed. :(

Qatgirl said...

I know, I was like, "You have a military miniatures store!?!"
The most I can hope for in my area is a department in an obscure "hobby" store.

ANDREA said...

Yeah, it's kind of amazing that I can actually buy Apoxie Sculpt right off the shelf! There are two other local independent toy stores that also carry a pretty decent amount of train and miniature supplies, but this one is exclusively a miniatures store.

They also do mail order:

Anonymous said...

It really stinks for Breyer to not at least stock the store once per morning. People still work on Fridays, and since they have pushed the availability of the SR models all weekend, it makes sense that people would not take off work on Friday. That’s just thoughtless and inconsiderate of Breyer to do that to those ticket holders.

Anonymous said...

How will we be able to get our hands on a copy of your sampler this year?