Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Telephone Game

I’m busy as heck right now and can’t come to the phone right now. Please accept this random assortment of Test Colors and Oddities I do not own while I try to catch up on my sleep.

I do have to say that out of this whole bunch, I’d probably pick the Trakehner because, you know, I’m a big vintage Trakehner fan. But I must confess, that’s one sweet Proud Arabian Stallion! 

I’m so glad that mold has gotten a recent reevaluation; he really was a teenaged girl’s Dream Arabian Stallion back in the 1970s. Now if I could only find myself a nice shaded Alabaster in decent condition...

Actually I could have owned one of these, but there’s a story there that I don’t have time to tell and it’s kind of boring anyway. Feel free to speculate which one it is while you wait to fill out your BreyerFest Special Run preference list!

Incidentally, since I’ve gotten a second complimentary ticket in addition to my VIP, my choices are (a) Seurat, because Seurat is one of my favorite painters and the mold looks great in that color, and (b) either Pollock or the Surprise, because the Pollock is probably going to look crazy awesome in person and I will then regret not getting him, and the Surprise because what the heck, I’m feeling adventurous. 

I would also not be unhappy with the Pinto Marwari Tassili, because I love these Chestnuts with the coppery undertones they’ve been doing recently. 

I don’t know if I really need another Esprit in my life, but I am also definitely warming up to the Apollo del Solis. Otherwise I think the only other shopping I’ll be doing that weekend is picking up the One-Day Stablemate and maybe hoping for an NPOD Grab Bag. 

I had no luck last time, but that was because I was so focused on getting everything else that it ended up giving up after a while.  

Apparently the Midyear releases dropped yesterday? I’ll talk about them more next time, when I actually have time to process them. 


Suzanne said...

My favorite is the Legionario, that color just suits him. But the PAS is amazing, I think that if I owned that one, I'd just look at him for hours...

My money is on the bull, simply because I recognize that picture from an earlier post.

Corky said...

After years of anticipation, I scored an alabaster PAS somewhere in my mid-20s, and when he arrived, I was disappointed to see that he had that bizarre shading on the mane and tail that are vertical stripes. Oh well!

Little Black Car said...

OMG the Legionario!

I'm afraid my one and only oddity is a Calypso [light bay Trakehner] with the sock on the wrong front foot. Probably not very odd; it seems like there could be a lot of those out there. But it's still a bit fun on a model I might not otherwise have collected. I like the mold but the paint job is pretty mid-1990s meh.