Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Like Lightning

As someone who: chose Ansel as one of my BreyerFest Special Run selections; who wrote a paper about Georges Melies for a high-school French class, then rewrote it in English for a college Film History class; who was ridiculously excited when they found a near-complete print of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; and who has a huge pile of vintage film memorabilia about Rex, King of the Wild Horses stashed under her bed…… yeah, I want that danged Raffle Model! I want Muybridge like a chocoholic wants a Bumpy Cake. (Thought to be honest, I like the Caramel Bumpy Cake just a touch better.)

Icelandics just happened to be on my mind: I was just starting to price the two Jóls (clear, and teal) I still need to get, and I had already decided that Sporður frá Bergi is on my BreyerFest shopping list. I had also recently been pricing Honeysuckles, but that is clearly not going to happen any time soon...

Like last year, to simulate the BreyerFest experience I’m going on a mini-road trip that will consist of me shopping at a couple of local toy stores, and then stopping at The Telway for sliders and onion rings. (And if anyone wants to come with, let me know.)

I know the odds of me winning a Raffle Model are probably about the same as me getting hit by lightning.  Incidentally, I’ve come pretty close to that a couple of times, too, but those are both instances where I’m grateful it was a near miss. 

But this model hits all my buttons: a Silver Black Splash Icelandic with blue eyes? Named after Eadweard Muybridge? Losing this one’s gonna hurt more than most. 

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Sarah Warren said...

I have a teal Jol that probably needs to come live with you! LOL!