Sunday, May 16, 2021

Thriving in Chaos

Oh dear:

Although I’m a good shot, I’ve had a couple of years of fencing lessons, and I can more than hold my own in a knife fight (I think), I am not getting in a physical altercation over a model horse. 

Other than a few possible elbows thrown in the NPOD during the heat of the moment – done more to protect myself than my acquisitions – the only time I recall actually getting physical in pursuit of anything was when I intentionally stepped on a guy’s foot at the flea market. 

And that’s only because he literally stepped in front of me at the last possible moment, as I approached a vendor’s table to scoop up some early Silver Age DC Green Lanterns for cheap. (Gil Kane issues, man!) 

Aside from him totally deserving it anyway, I could pass it off as an “oops” moment because (a) I have very big feet, and (b) the jerk really did nearly knock me over. 

But seriously, seeing multiple people casually mention that they’re only entering the drawing for Crane, the latest Birds of a Feather release, strictly for the money is kinda depressing. That means my odds of getting one as a person who just wants one to have one are significantly diminished. 

There are already two unobtainable Emersons – Noir, and the Pinto variation of Rocket – and I don’t want Crane to be the third. But my hopes are not high.

Even though I am – technically – one of those people you may have heard about who is actually coming out of the pandemic in significantly better financial shape than when I went into it, I am not throwing more of that money into the collectibles market. 

(It’s a long story and you know I don’t discuss personal details like that on the Internet, but I basically did a lateral move that has paid off very well for me.)

My budget for that nonsense is pretty much the same as it has always been, even if the targets themselves have had to change.

Since my tastes are pretty eclectic, this has not been much of a problem. But it does feel strange that I just upgraded a somewhat scarce vintage Woodgrain in my collection for less money than an average Slyder is going for. 

I think it’ll be a better investment in the end, too, but that’s a secondary benefit. 


Anonymous said...

"That means my odds of getting one as a person who just wants one to have one are significantly diminished.".

Yep. *sigh*

Mindy said...

I honestly asked people can we not step back and say you know what I don't need this horse if I don't like him, so I am going to let someone else have the fun of getting picked and getting him at cost from Breyer.

In the spirit of doing something good for someone else in the hobby. Someone that might just need a bright spot. Someone who might just feel shut out of the hobby and is giving up.

I have passed on a lot of web specials that I don't want for that very reason. Let someone else have some fun.

I just want to spread the love of these horses around more.

And you know what. I got nasty PMs nasty Sms telling me to mind my own damn business. Who am I to SHAME people.

And here my goal was to help people. To spread the love. And I got just butchered for it.

The uglyness in this hobby is a nasty thing. It's becoming something I don't know if I want to be a part of.

Do I want to go to the work of hosting a show again to see ugly behavior?

timaru star ii said...

Noir has not managed to make an appearance on IDYB yet, but doing an overall search on Google will reveal him.

My opinion remains: etch your own.

Anonymous said...

For MINDY (if you come back and read further comments) PLEASE DON'T let the "bad apples" of this hobby drive you away from it! WE (the ones of us who remember our parents teaching us to have manners and "to do unto others as you would have others do unto you") NEED YOU (and others like you!) Not all of us in this hobby has turned into entitled "KARENS"!!!

And there's another reason the "silent" hobbyist aren't more vocal. There's a saying that "all evil needs to florish is for GOOD people to say and DO nothing"!! If you want to have a "live" model horse show, then PLEASE DO hold one! DO NOT allow *anyone* to bully or threaten you -just because you still have a heart of compassion and wanted to be nice!! You're in charge--and the one thing you can make very CLEAR in your rules of conduct and before the show even starts, is that NASTY behavior will NOT be tolerated by anyone--and those who can't understand or follow these *simple* rules can (and should be) kicked out on their backside! (you can substitute the "other" word if you wish!)

I don't follow Facebook and that group of people very often --but I have seen on other blogs how people are going "nuts" over this model! (and it's always the same people on nearly every thread!) You don't want to be "shamed" you say??? Then maybe --don't be so quick to "brag" about how many accounts you have! Maybe don't be so quick to post how much you dislike something--but you're going to buy it anyway!!(how dumb is that!?) By the way, just because you have more than one account doesn't guarantee that you'll be selected--no matter how often you enter! Maybe the BREYER "mole" will see all these comments (for once), tell the higher executives what you plan and knowing what you intend, won't let you be selected!! (One can only hope!!)

Honest to Goodness people--if you need finances that badly that you have to start ruining an otherwise enjoyable hobby for others, then you should seriously think about seeking viable employment! some of you have no excuse! The jobs are out there! Leave the hobby to the ones of us who see it for what it is! A hobby!!

For the others of you--here's something that's beginning to bother me too! If you're going to enter for these drawings, why do you bother if you don't believe that you'll be selected?? I know you're disappointed when it doesn't happen always -but aren't you just as "bad" as the ones with more than one account--if before the drawing ever happens, you're putting out the negative vives?? How do you know that your turn won't ever come??? You have just as good a shot as anyone else---and posting the negative thoughts could be disheartening to a fellow collector(who might not post to any social mediums)but might be watching and hoping that you will finally win and thus, maybe they'll get the shock of their lives and win as well!!! (believe it or not, we are connected and can affect each other!)

Otherwise, you should probably give up and deal with the 2nd hand market prices!

I apologize for my long windedness! This is just my 2 cents on the matter! I guess, like the others, I'm getting tired of all the constant ill behavior/manners! The hobby is supposed to be an escape valve from the pressures, anxieties and problems of "real" life--not be part of it!! Can we go back to having FUN again???

Anonymous said...

I just do not understand any of the immediate enter just to sell.

Like the collector event models. People say well it had to sell to pay for the trip. I save money to go on the trip so I can KEEP the models. That's the whole reason I go. the other events on the trip are just part of the fun.

I'm so happy we have so many new members to the hobby to keep it going. But I feel so bad for the ones new and old that feel shut out. Or not welcome at all because they say you know this kind of stinks.
They get absolutely shredded.

I do not like the mean girl cliques in the hobby.

Anonymous said...

I entered for him because I want him- badly. I enter other drawings if I don't want the model to offer to friends AT COST. My friends do the same for me. But this "If I win imma gonna flip it for 10X the amount!" really irk me, too.

This hobby has gotten toxic. So have other hobbies, I think it is just these times now. Everyone is so self-centered, me-me-me.

Anonymous said...

Yup I've entered for friends at cost too when it's a must have for them and they ask.

Toxic is certainly a way to describe this buy to resell for the moon.

PixelPerfectStables said...

I entered specifically knowing several of my friends really wanted this guy. I don't usually have too much luck with the drawings, but I actually won this time! He's going, at cost, to a local friend who adores the mold. Plus now I have an excuse to drop him off in person and get some much needed friends (and dogs!) hangout time on top of that :)

Boulder Sheep said...

I entered because coming back into the hobby after a 40+ year break I fell in love with Emerson, eventually saving enough to own him. And the "attainable" ones. My price point is not the same as anyone else's price point, and what I value in regards to plastic painted horses is certainly not the same as what other's value, and I've paid market price for Crane. But I can see that Crane is not as universally as popular as Goldfinch continues to be, and possibly less popular than Puffin, although Emerson-mold lovers seem to be more focused than other congas (or that might be my completely subjective social media observation.)

Anyway, although the aspect of live showing initially appealed to me (I haven't done any of it) the preoccupation with unattainable perfection has really put me off: photo after photo of "flaws" and I can't see anything to fault in them. But this seems to be a vocal minority (maybe there's a non-vocal majority, and obviously I need to train my eyes better).

Anyway, the high end and latest-and-greatest will always be gulp-worthy, but so far as bubble, I'm already seeing prices dropping on many models. I think market forces as viewed through model horse collecting are fascinating. And I've got a grey Slyder to sell, if you want one.