Tuesday, May 18, 2021

My Monday

Checks e-mail.


Crosses Emerson off my “I Collect This Mold” list.

Wonders why I even bothered.

Buys some random cheap horses on eBay.

Goes outside to pull weeds.

Comes inside, opens newly arrived box with a completely different and significantly cheaper Breyer Race Horse:

I still can’t believe I bought a #936 Woodgrain Race Horse with its original Gold Foil Tenite sticker for less than the cost of… well, almost anything else now.  

I had a Woodgrain Race Horse before, but it wasn’t the one I was hoping for. This one might be – unless I manage to find an even nicer one at an even better price, though I doubt it. 

Eventually this market bubble will burst, so I might as well take advantage of the bargains where I can find them. 

Incidentally, this is only my third model with a Tenite sticker – including a Brahma Bull and a Family Arabian Stallion, both Woodgrains. 

Tenite stickers are a little harder to come by than the Blue Ribbon variety, and are mostly but not exclusively found on Woodgrains. 

I think Breyer originally intended to use the Tenite sticker on all of their models when it debuted ca. 1959 – I’ve seen it on Western Ponies and Old Mold Arabians in other colors – but it eventually morphed into a Woodgrain thing. 

Most of the Woodgrains – with the exception of the Family Arabians, and the Fighting Stallion – were discontinued by the time the Blue Ribbon stickers debuted ca. 1966. Consequently, they’re the only Woodgrains that can (very rarely) be found with the Blue Ribbon stickers.


Anonymous said...

I've got one or two woodgrains with tenite stickers but I don't think I own a single horse with a blue ribbon sticker! They are certainly not very common in Arizona. We are backwards out west! I own a dapple back Belgian but have never found a smoke! I used to have a Florentine 5-gaiter but have NEVER found a single alabaster or palomino.

GWR said...

Congrats on a cool purchase!

Makes me wish the little woodgrain Clydesdale came with his own gold tenite sticker...

Denise said...

Great find! I would be super excited about this-there is nothing like acquiring a really nice vintage model in nice condition, and with a sticker like this no less!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tenite stickers were put on woodgrain models so that consumers would know the model is NOT made of wood!!
-Kristine Gardner

daniellek1234579 said...

I have a woodgrain boxer with a tenite sticker! I absolutely love him!