Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yes, No, and Maybe

While I thought his initial paint job was fabulous, last year’s Premier Club release of Vermeer, the Friesian Sporthorse, left me a little… meh. Fraley’s sculpts are definitely hit or miss with me, and while there were some elements to the mold that I really liked – his mane, those windblown feathers, the wrinkles on his neck – he didn’t strike me as a mold I’d sell off other molds to collect.

The BreyerFest Special Run Seurat might make me change my mind. That’s a real pretty color on him, reminiscent of the sooty palomino that made me fall in love with the 2015 Special Run Chanel, on the Croi Damsha/Connemara mold.

The production pieces for Chanel differed significantly from the original promo photographs – much to our delight, since those photos made her look kind of bright and orangey. 

So while I already have some favorite picked out – among the revealed, and unrevealed – this particular item is one that I’d be most curious to see in person.

The fact that he’s named after one of my favorite painters, Georges Seurat, doesn’t hurt either. I’d rather the name be used on a leopard appaloosa of some sort, but the new Celebration Horse/Former Guest Horse probably put a kibosh on that idea. 

But if we’re going with Horses and Art History, it’s Franz Marc that owns my heart. While others dream of vintage Wedgewoods and Copenhagens, when it comes to blue horses, that particular painting is the grail I seek. A Franz Marc-inspired BreyerFest Special Run would be a very distant but still acceptable second choice.

On the other Special Run announcement, however, I’m going full contrarian here and giving it a hard NO: I’m sorry, I don’t care how detailed the paint job is or how closely they’ve tied it to the theme, using the Spanish Fighting Bull for the FOURTH time – when many Nonhorse molds have had, at most, a single BreyerFest release – is something I simply can’t get past. 

In a theme devoted to artistic inspirations, it strikes me as a downright uninspired choice.

(BTW, thanks guys, now I’m spending all my spare time planning a Wyoming Road Trip itinerary. For the record, though, the “Redneck Roadtrip Redo” I mulled over last year is probably more likely. We will see.)


Corky said...

As a former art student, I'm very happy with the "art history" and artist highlight direction that Breyer is taking with their Breyerfest SRs. Dare we hope for an Alphonse Mucha or Maxfield Parrish-inspired model?

Boulder Sheep said...

This is the first reveal that excites me, and not having any idea of how Breyerfest model sales work, I am wondering how one lines up for purchase. (I also like the Mar-WOW-i, even though I am not huge on collecting pintos, and the Jackson Pollack Valegro is really beautiful - even though decorators are not my thing. So depending on how purchasing shakes out, I am looking forward to adding a few new and different models to my collection.

AND I absolutely love the art history going hand in hand with this event. There's so much crossover that could be done with various liberal arts disciplines and Breyer: literature, history (of course!), philosophy?

Unknown said...

Depending on when you art thinking of traveling to Wyoming, there is a *great* rodeo the last week of July if we are out of quarantine by then...