Monday, August 3, 2020

More Thoughts on the BreyerFest Stablemates

I decided to skip out on the final weekend of BreyerFest content: aside from a deeper analysis of the Virtual Show results I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, and my still unfinished musings about the Special Runs and next year’s theme (that I like, a lot), I’m going to focus most of my creative energies – for the month of August, at least – on gardening and quilting.

(Finished two quilts this past weekend, already! Woot!)

I’m glad they finally put up the full videos of the live broadcasts, though; I know a lot of people were asking about the Archive Room Tour footage, in particular.

(HINT: “Trips to the Archive” could be something you could feature on the web site or YouTube channel on a regular basis, guys.)

The Special Run I fought the hardest for this year was Eire. I wasn’t even 100 percent sure I wanted him in the first place, but after he was snatched from my cart for the fourth or fifth time, I wasn’t going to let that little bugger go without a fight. He was one of the first things I pulled out of my “BreyerFest in a Box” and I have to say that… I’m glad I fought for him:

Hobbyists have come to expect the final product to be somewhat different than the initial promotional photographs, but the differences between “online” Eire and “in-person” Eire were starker than average – and in my opinion, significantly for the better!

Instead of just being a translucent lime green with a shamrock on his butt, he’s a deeper shade of green (not quite Kelly Green, but close) that’s nearly opaque. And that’s not merely “gold interference”,  he’s heavily oversprayed with gold to the point of being gilded.

I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite of all the Special Runs this year (still Hamish!) but my opinion of him went up several notches.

(As far as the color scheme goes, I suppose – as an alumna – I am obligated to say Go Tartars!)

All the Stablemates this year were great, actually. A couple of the quilts I’m currently working on incorporate a lot of plaids, so you would be guessing correctly that I love the little fabric bags the One-Days came in almost as much as the Stablemates themselves. I could really use some of that orange and turquoise material for my stash:


timaru star ii said...

Great post! Thanks for the close up of a good stablemate, and congrats on the quilts (my Mom was a quilter).

Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to thank you again for making & sending out the Sampler. It means a lot that I at least have that for my BF '20 vault, especially seeing as the rest of the contents are basically packing slips.

And you finished TWO quilts this weekend! I've no idea how much work was left on them but compared to my 'weekend', in which bupkus was accomplished, you are going great guns. Rock (sew) on!