Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tractor Supply Season

No Leandro, no surprise.

I just took a look at my records, and I haven’t “won” a Web Special since Astru, and that was back in May of 2015. There have been a couple I haven’t entered for, and a couple I only put in a single token entry, but it’s been a year and a half since I’ve gotten a “You’re a Winner!” e-mail.

I’ve gotten a lot of great things in the interim, but being told I’m a winner – even in an e-mail, for a silly plastic horse I probably didn’t need anyway – would have been (a) a nice change of pace, and (b) a good pick-me-up. (I have plenty of flowers, so bouquets are of little use to me in that regard.)

That’s okay, since my money has to be allocated to other things; I will also not miss the messy internal dialogue I would have had about the logic of selling it to fund even more desirable things.

Speaking of Special Runs I likely won’t be getting either, it appears that we have now entered Tractor Supply Special Run Season: this year’s Specials are a Bay Pinto Silver named Santana, and a Bay Roan Smart Chic Olena named Garrett.

I consider both to be interesting and surprising choices, because we’ve already had two other Silver SRs this year (the BreyerFest Pegasus, and Leandro) and the Smart Chic Olena is soon to be released as the Fall Collector’s Club Special Run Gideon.

Like everyone else, I was thinking it’d be something more like Forever Saige or Latigo.

Someone at Tractor Supply must have a soft spot for the SCO mold: he was also previously released as an SR for them in 2006 as John Wayne’s Dollor, and Topsails Rein Maker was a part of their Regular Run product mix in 2014.

The past few years of Tractor Supply Specials have brought out some interesting behaviors in my fellow hobbyists. I know for many of us this might be the only opportunity to find a Special Run in the wild, but the intensity of the searches always knocks me for a loop. Especially since these runs aren’t particularly small or limited, and no longer even numbered.

Though I can perhaps understand it a little bit more this year, considering the molds in question.

I’ll probably get the Smart Chic Olena some time down the road, once I finish up the collection cleanout (I can always make room for another SCO!) but I’ll take a pass on the Silver. Aside from being not all that into the mold, he looks like a dressier variation of the Treasure Hunt Bay Pinto Silver from 2007: not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the Bay Pinto from that release was my least favorite from that set.

Maybe if I see him in person I might change my mind, especially if some of them turn out to be Chalky, like last year’s Jesses.

In the meantime most of my spare horse money will continue to be invested in box lots and flea market finds. I just got another doozy of a lot in yesterday that’s was well worth the price, as you’ll see later this week.


Sandy said...

If it makes you feel any better, and it probably won't but is said hoping it does, I have never won anything until this year after entering for numerous models numerous times. I only enter for those I plan to keep, but there have been many over the years I would have loved to have.

Anonymous said...

If you don't play at every opportunity that you get, you can't cry that you don't win. The chances don't cost a penny to play, so if you don't play them and you don't win, it smacks of being a sore loser to say that you don't win just because you put one chance in.

Sandy said...

Wow - If this was aimed at my comment, as I stated, I entered for numerous models each day for each. I "played" many, many, many times - not "one chance in."

Anonymous said...

No, it wasn't directed at you.

Sandy said...

Whew - Okay, thanks. I was like what did I say?!