Tuesday, September 6, 2016


So last year’s Tractor Supply Mystery No Show Special Run “Chance” has finally shown up – as this year’s Mid-States SR!

It is a Red Dun Tobiano pinto nearly identical to the 2013 Diorama Prize Walk of Fame:


I suppose you might be wondering what the situation was with Chance: I don’t know. Maybe TSC rejected the concept outright, or they decided to scale back their Holiday offerings, or maybe they didn’t have money in the purchasing budget, or someone forgot to sign an invoice…. For whatever reason, Chance didn’t become a Tractor Supply Special Run.

I do know, though, that once Breyer creates a concept for a Special Run item, they are loath to let it go. If one company turns down the concept – and the concept is not too narrowly or specifically designed to the first company it was offered to – it will get pitched elsewhere.

If there are no takers after a while the idea gets shelved, eventually and quite literally, in the Sample Room. Sometimes the concept will be tweaked and re-proposed at a later date or used in a different program altogether.

I don’t know if there were any changes or tweaks to Chance’s original design. I’m guessing not, but that really is just a guess, based on the turnaround time.

Chance is very handsome – I am quite fond of the Zippo Pine Bar mold, if you didn’t know that already – but I’ll probably have to take a pass on him until next year, once I get a few other bigger expenses paid for.

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Truson said...

I'm hoping "Chance" turns out to have some sort of surprise happen.