Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Horse Crazy Knockoffs

A couple weeks ago at work were had a bit of unexpected down time, so for some strange reason we ended up amusing ourselves by looking up pictures of obscure dollar-store knock-off toys.

This inspired me to go to our local independent non-chain dollar store on the way home that day. I was not disappointed:

The new Horse Crazy knockoffs are here!

I actually really like these; they’re a little more reminiscent of opaque colored plastic BreyerFest Special Run Stablemates keychains like our little green and white swirly friend from the 2003 Mod Squad set:

Since I have been unable to acquire many of the actual colored plastic keychains – the Mod Squad set has always hovered just outside of my price range, and I have not been fortunate enough to either win or be gifted one of those sweet swirly Test pieces – I will happily make do with these goofy little knockoffs.

I’m a little surprised that Reeves hasn’t considered reinstituting the opaque plastic for the Horse Crazy program; it seems like a technique that would be ideally suited for it. I’m guessing it’s mostly a technical issue: recycling flawed models as regrind would be problematic, to say the least.

Making some of them “swirly” might work, but it’s hard to get consistent and attractive looking swirls, which leads to more flawed models, and murkier and murkier multicolored plastic…

I wouldn’t have a problem with that – and the potential for future Basecoat Chalky Stablemates releases – but some hobbyists might, especially since Basecoats usually involve a slight loss of detail due to the nature of the paint involved. That slight loss of detail is not that noticeable on Classics and Traditionals, but on Stablemates, it could be an issue.


Anonymous said...

What's the scale on these? same size as the OFs?

ANDREA said...

They are about 2/3 the size of an average Stablemate.

Anonymous said...

What a neat find! Congrats!