Saturday, July 5, 2014

Needs, Wants, Desires

Let’s just say that after today, I’m pretty sure I am no longer infectious. (Things…had to be thrown out. That’s all I’ll ‘fess to.)

Everything else is proceeding more or less according to plan. Being further along would be better, but considering the obstacles I had to overcome to get where I am, I am not complaining.

I’m probably not going to the flea market tomorrow, even though it looks like the weather will be cooperative. No time, no space, no energy. Even my poor Charcoal Adios will have to remain unopened until I get back.

My poor Amigo!

Most of you have already heard, but for those of you also distracted by things in the material world, they’ve sold out of the BreyerFest Special Run tickets this year. Not the Celebration Horse itself, though Reeves also announced that they’d have about 500 "bubble-wrapped" pieces available in addition to the boxed ones, so they’re close.

(IOW, they had time to make more horses, but not more packaging.)

They’ve sold out of the One-Day Stablemates before (though they do hold some in reserve for people with "Will Call" tickets), and Celebration Horses before (remember the Mariah’s Boon mess? Which also involved a batch of unboxed horses?) But the Special Run Line Tickets are a surprise - especially since they added four time slots on Sunday to sell more.

Might not be too many leftovers to worry about, then. There’s always some - not every ticket gets redeemed, or fully redeemed - but I might just leave after the Sunday Raffle and not worry about them until they post them online, like they did last year.

I won’t be doing much extracurricular shopping this year, either: I really do need to move more horses out than in this trip. I will, as always, be on the lookout for more old paper (the 1974 Dealer’s Catalog is a big want!) and anything that catches my eye. And you know me, that really could be anything.

The only two things I am seriously on the hunt for this year are a couple of variations: a Matte Walking Horned Hereford Bull (the very last ones in ca. 1980/1 were Matte-finished) and a Family Arabian Foal with a belly stamp (the earliest ones). Condition and color is irrelevant on the Family Foal: it’s one of the few mold variations of the Foal I don’t have, and it’s bugging me. 

I will leave you with a tiny Sneak Preview of The Diorama that I am now returning to work on. 

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Dressagekid said...

I'm in the diaroma contest and mine is finished. But what could you be doing with a stable mate in an old timer hat?