Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So, This Happened

So this happened on Sunday, at the flea market. This is as I found - and bought it:

Whoo-hoo, big box of horses! Here’s the box, emptied out:

Yeah, it’s mostly not-Breyer, but I’m not picky: I’m an equal opportunity horse-shaped-object lover here. It’d been a while since I had a "major" score at the flea market, anyway. And the price I got it at? Ain’t no way I was going to pass it up! I swear the whole flea market could hear me cackling on my way back to the car.

(The best part? The old guy who walked up behind me and shook his head. "You got a good deal!" Darn tootin’, I did!)

The only items I’m keeping out of the lot (for now) are the Ohio Arts Western Horse copy, and the Appaloosa Western Prancing Horse. I already have three or four other Appy WPHs, but unlike the others, this one has gigantic polka dot spots. That’s fairly unusual for that particular release - I should know! I’d been on the lookout for that variation for a while, but most of the ones were either too expensive, or didn’t pass muster.

And he’s almost mint! With his original saddle and reins! Remarkable, considering the circumstances he came from.

Some of this stuff will not be making it to BreyerFest, though. I thought I’d toss the Lone Ranger and Tonto on eBay, for instance, considering that the movie premieres this week. Especially since the Scout that came with Tonto is the rare one.

I’m not too wedded to getting a certain price, though. If the contents of this lot cover its initial cost, plus my gas money for BreyerFest, I will be happy. Even if it doesn’t, the thrill of excavating a whole box of vintage horses - everything in the box was at least 35 years old - was worth the price.

I like to make a profit as much as the next person, but I’m also realistic: collectibles, in general, aren’t that great an investment. They can be, if you can keep your emotional distance from them, but this is a difficult thing, since so much of the value is tied up in our emotional attachment to them. 


Anonymous said...

Great find! What sort of saddle does the Ohio Arts Western Horse have? Is it a snap on one like Breyers? Reason I'm asking is I just got a black WH -- not a Breyer but he has a saddle that looks like an old Breyer saddle.

Anonymous said...

Good haul!

Hee, lucky you, you can tie in your auction to what looks like a popular movie. (though in my estimation, Jay Silverheels' Tonto trumps Depp's any day)

Anonymous said...

Wow- I had a dream last night that I was looking up at toy store window from the sidewalk, and they were 2-3 Leopard Appy Western Prancers, NIB, with wraparound cardboard on the sides in dark blue and purple. Then one of the first things I see on the computer this morning is your blog post!
My (older) sister) had one of those, and of course was snooty and wouldn't let me play with it, so it always was one I greatly admired, along with her black Grazing Mare. Now I have several leopard Appy Western Prancers, but I still can remember hers so clearly, with its one dangling broken rein piece, and one ear almost half gone.

Evelyn L. said...

WOW! What a haul!!
Even the Marx Thunderbolt and Pancho with tack are nothing to sneeze at.
Lucky, lucky you, Andrea!!!

ANDREA said...

The Ohio Arts horse saddles are like the old snap saddles, but made with a softer plastic, and have no snap cinch.

Lynn Isenbarger said...

I have the Hartland copy you found and have been trying to track down it history. Someone told me they thought the company was Ohio Plastic. Is that a different one from Ohio Art, or did my friend have the name wrong? Do you know>


Anonymous said...

Hi! Having an impossible time trying to reply under any sort of identity on my phone. I've bought from you before...Liz Vitale,about a year ago bought some very inexpensive little bits. Anyway,would you be interested in selling that rearing pinto? I'd like a better look at him if so...I'm pretty well schooled in all the plastic horse molds from the past few decades,but can't place that one.He intrigues me.
I have a black Thunderbolt,and he might be my most favorite toy horse ever.:D

LostInAn80sFog said...

Congratulations on your finds! Inexpensive horse-shaped anything is almost non-existent around here. Glad there are still treasures to be had.