Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, My Stars

I spent all day looking for my camera just so I could show you which one of the CC Shuffles I got:

Yes, I am pleased. Here’s the official numbers on the various releases, via Breyer's Facebook page:

711161 A - Appaloosa (552 Matte, 84 Glossy)
711161 B - Dappled Gray (470 Matte, 84 Glossy)
711161 C - Grulla Tobiano with Primitive Markings (470 Matte, 84 Glossy)
711161 D - Denim Blue Roan Tovero (168 Matte, 84 Glossy)

Actually, when I opened up this one and only Shuffle horse I was able to acquire, I had absolutely no idea how to react. It was still fairly early in the game on Friday, and nobody knew nothing about who was rare and who wasn’t. I managed to catch a glimpse of the polling on Blab on Saturday and kinda-sorta got an inkling that I had the "rare" one, but even that’s not entirely trustworthy.

(Nobody’s all that excited or motivated to post that they got a Matte, for instance, so Glosses tend to appear overreported.)

Several iterations of my ultimate/fantasy/dream horse in high school came in Blue Roan Medicine Hat/Tovero, so in the absence of better data, I just decided to love her anyway, regardless of the quantity made.

It’s unlikely I’ll get another. Not that I wouldn't want another - all of them are beautiful! - but the prices for them right now are a little out of hand, especially the Glosses. The quantities for the CC Shuffle Glosses are nearly double that of the Live Show Prize Glosses, but those Prizes go for one-third to one-half the price.

The math just don’t add up.

It's alright, because I got another Roxy that morning that was better than any of the rest: a Sample of  Constellation - the Dark Bay Roan Roxy Special Run from last year! I found her whilst digging through the Sample boxes in the Pit early that morning, and quickly tossed her into my keeper box. Love that paint job! They could put that color on almost anything, and I’d buy it.


Little Black Car said...

This is the first year I have regretted not going to BreyerFest. I went in 1991, had fun, but crowds, etc., are not my thing, and the expense is definitely an issue. Had I had any idea there would be more Roxys, though, I'd have made more of an effort!

I'm gonna need a second (third . . . ) job.

Katie said...

Lucky! I think the grulla is by far my favorite. Great find though! Congrats, please show any other BF photos if you have any!!

Anonymous said...

When I was at the CHIN people were absolutely hysterical over the CC Shuffles, with everyone firmly convinced that there were only ten of each glossy version. Obviously not true even then- I saw more than ten of the glossy Appy at the CHIN alone.

LostInAn80sFog said...

The models are beautiful, but what I really want to know is how Vita handled your absence and return....

Anonymous said...

That Medicine Hat is just gorgeous!! I like the new tail on her much better than the original.