Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quick Updates

Just hanging out in the lobby next to the Man o' War room, trying to enjoy this last little bit of quiet before the storm. The actual history post I have prepped and ready to go will go up either later today or tomorrow, depending on my schedule.

The drive was relatively uneventful. Traffic was a little bit heavier than usual, but I also left almost two hours later than I usually do, for various reasons. Vita also realized, as I was shoving the last few bits of stuff into the vehicle that I was going somewhere without her, and became very clingy.

Then she gave me one of her favorite toys - a knotted rope with a squeaky giraffe head on the end of it - and that made cry a little. Silly puppy, of course I'm not going to forget you.



Giant Butter Jesus has been replaced ... and I was a little disappointed at first, since he's not an exact or even a near-copy of the original. Instead of looking like a ginormous butter sculpture slowly sinking/melting into a hot tub, he's ashen gray and shambling towards the freeway with his arms outstretched, like a giant zombie looking for brains.

Except not all that scary. More like Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man scary. Welcome to my weird personal universe anyway, Gray Zombie Jesus!

So far I have been relatively good about not buying anything this year. Spotted a couple of interesting variations, but since I've had such a good year finding stuff online, I let 'em go. Still on the lookout for a good Performance Horse body and a Trakehner or two; maybe a few minis for certain folks not in attendance (who would very much want to be).

My shopping was also somewhat limited by the fact that I overstrained myself unpacking Tuesday night; I spent most of Wednesday hobbling around like someone dropped a house on me.

I haven't heard any REALLY good gossip yet; I have participated in - and overhead - some conversations that could have been described as, uh, intense. Here I thought it was me - my work and life schedule interfering with my online time sufficently that perhaps I was having some issues with communicating with some of my fellow hobbyists.

No, it seems to be a hobby-wide phenomena. Which is both reassuring (it's not just me!) and scary (because there's no way you can control how people interpret your words, no matter how carefully you choose them).

The battery's running a bit low, and I have a few errands to run, see you in a few...

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Christine said...

I so wish I was there. I had so much fun meeting you and the rest of the folks we hung with in 2009. Can't fin anyone who wants to go so I'm here, not there.