Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Far

Dang it, did it to me again: they dropped photos of the Sunday Raffle pieces on the web site yesterday! It’s the Susecion and Le Fire set in Glossy Chestnut Rabicano, as "Crabbet Mare and Foal - Queen Mum and the Prince".

Honestly, I really wasn’t greasing the skids or anything like that. I haven’t gotten any comps from Reeves in forever. (If I did, you think I’d be applying to volunteer every year? Or getting up at some ungodly hour to stand in line for the NPOD?)

Some people think that this means that the Huckleberry Bey mold will therefore be the Saturday Raffle, but I’m still holding out for a pony of some sort.

For those of you keeping track at home, here’s what’s known - and unknown - about this year’s BreyerFest lineup. (The questionable/unknowns are highlighted in red):

711140    Mariah’s Boon: Celebration Horse
711141    Mariah’s Boon - Gloss
(presumed contest prize - Fascinator?)
711141    What’s On Tap
(the four One-Day Stablemates)
711142    Prince of Chintz
: Ticket Special
711143    Bowland
: Ticket Special
711144    Killarney
: Porcelain/Store Special
711145    Stoneleigh Surprise
(four models, probably the same mold)
711146    Cheerio
: Ticket Special
711147    Aintree
: Ticket Special
711148    Sixes and Sevens
: Ticket Special
711149    Bee’s Knees
: Ticket Special
711150    Taskin
: Store Special
711151    Tunbridge Wells
: Ticket Special
711152    Black Beauty
: British Souvenir (Resin)
711153    Union Jack
: British Souvenir (Translucent)
711214    Bennington
: Early Bird Prize
711411    Saturday Raffle Model
Crabbet Mare & Foal - Queen Mum and the Prince: Sunday Raffle Models
711431    Volunteer Model
711441    Sterling
: Best of British Contest Prize
711451    Westminster Abbey
: Open Show Grand Prize
711461    Penny Lane
: Open Show Reserve Grand Prize
????    Y/C Grand Prize
????    Y/C Reserve Grand Prize
????    Y/C Sectional Prize
????    Y/C Reserve Sectional Prize
????    Open Show Sectional Prize
????    Open Show Reserve Sectional Prize
????    Costume Contest Prize

There’s been no clarification about the prizes for either of the costuming contests (could it be the same prize, even?), and I have a feeling that there will be one or more specials to come - either Store Specials, or as more British "Souvenirs".

There’s been some intimation that there may be a change of policy in the live show prizes (more "appropriate" prizes for the Y/C show, in particular), so there could be some subtractions there, too.

So we have (roughly) 35 different Special Runs to look forward to this year. That, and two more months of people bragging about how much money they’ll save not buying any of them.

(And for those of you who say "That wasn’t the case last year!" Girlfriends, please: do your research.)

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Anonymous said...

The word from the open show manager last year was that she wanted to have four different sectional glossy prize models, because with all the added classes they "weren't exclusive enough" anymore. It will be interesting to see what happens. She indicated to the yahoo group that she knows what the glossies are but isn't telling yet, so at least for the open show it sounds like the sectional prizes will still be exclusives.