Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little Housekeeping

Got a bit too much caffeine in the system, so I’m just going to tie up a few loose ends today. Plus, I’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort into my BreyerFest paperwork - especially the Sampler - and that’s put me out of sorts, too. Some of the material I’m writing for it touches on some very sensitive subjects to me, and I am absolutely drained, emotionally. 

(It’s not depressing, just complicated.)

The flea market was a little on the quiet side this week, partly because of the flaky weather; all I picked up were some cooking magazines, a beautiful old Victorian quilt top, and a small group of cute (and cheap!) Japanese biscuit tins. This suited me just fine, since I’m still trying to recover from last week’s haul.

Other than an odd body lot or two that I might throw on eBay, if I can find the time, any models I’ll be picking up this season will be getting packed and put away with my BreyerFest sales stash. It’s nothing personal, it really is just a time management issue.

It seems really weird to me to be so disconnected to the Desatado discussion; aside from not being in the club in the first place, my brain immediately went into LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU mode once the griping about dappling began.

I am a bit surprised that the actual piece count on the Premier Club is somewhere around 740: I honestly didn’t think it was going to be that high.

A model’s value isn’t entirely dependent on the piece count - especially if the quality is there - but I am wondering how many people "bought in" to the concept on the assumption that the piece count would be lower than the Vintage Club’s 500-piece limit?

As far as the quality of the body, I can’t - and won’t - judge until I see one in person, which I am assuming will happen (again) at BreyerFest. And if I like it, no worries, since none of the molds in the program are going to get Alborozo-ized.

I’m seriously considering not putting in for the Father’s Day Web Special. Not because I’ve made a preemptive decision to not like it, but because it’s beginning to look like I’m going to need to do some serious herd thinning in the very near future. (Which I doubt will be before the end of July, so don’t get your hopes up.)

Besides, I want to save up this luck I’ve been experiencing for bigger and better things later in the season, if you know what I mean.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I did see that job posting on the Breyer web site. That’s all I’ll say about the matter in public.


Julie said...

I joined the premier club, because Destado looked lovely! I honestly thought around 1,000+ were going to be made. I have yet to receive the model, but from the photos I have seen he looks amazing. Getting a model simply because a very limited number was produced, (even if you don't like it) kind of defeats the purpose of collecting. That's just me though. :)m

Liz said...

Honestly, if you applied for the job, I seriously can't imagine anyone being a better fit for the position. Although I'm not heavily into vintage collecting, they truly would be missing out on a pretty dang valuable asset by not hiring you. Not only do you have knowledge of what's worked and been popular in the past, you tend to have a pretty good finger on the pulse of what will be liked in the future.

Of course, if you didn't apply, disregard this. But I certainly hope you did, and that, if so, they'll realize just what they'll be gaining by hiring you!