Monday, May 23, 2011

Body, Shelf and Show

Well, that was an odd Sunday. I thought it was going to be a washout - literally, and figuratively. To make a long story short, I ended up buying two entire collections. That’s about 100 models, total.

Yes, you read that right: 100 models. No more worries about not having enough stuff to sell at BreyerFest this year!

(But not one of them is the model I need for my special BreyerFest project. Naturally!)

There were no super-special ZOMG!!1! finds in either collection, though there are definitely some primo pieces here, with a few keepers and upgrades. Most of the stuff is from the 1980s, but there are items from the mid-1960s through the late 1990s. No fancy hobby-specific pieces or special runs, just Regular Run Classics, Traditionals, Animals and Accessories.

Looks like I’ll be spending most of the rest of the week cleaning, cataloging and evaluating everybody (aka "model horse triage": is it body, shelf, or show quality?) Normally that’s my favorite part of the process, but I’ve never had to do it with so many horses all at once. I already feel like I’m behind in my Bfest prep, and then a small town’s worth of sad, dirty and slightly distressed orphans show up on my doorstep demanding my attention. Yaah!

Good news for you guys: cheap horse party in my room at BreyerFest this year! Woot! Most of these guys will be under 20 bucks, and a big chunk of them will be 10 or under. Lots of good starter models or collection builders for beginning hobbyists, or for long-time hobbyists looking to fill a few holes on the shelf. A quick scan doesn’t reveal a lot of obvious show prospects, but I haven’t finished evaluating everyone yet. (Some of the Classics do look very promising.)

Sorry ladies, no pictures of the loot today. Ever have a deranged squirrel get loose in your house and rampage through your basement? (I have; it’s kind of a funny story, actually.) That’s what my office looks like right now. While it has been publicly demonstrated that I am not easily shamed, I draw the line at showing you the current state of the Horse Cave.

(It’s like the Bat Cave, but with more horses, fewer Giant Pennies, and no Batmobile. Sold that off a few years back. Yeah, really. Another funny story ...)


Lindsay said...

Well, I'm not going to BreyerFest, so would you have a list available before then? I'm always looking for a deal. =) What fun to find that though!

ANDREA said...

It'll take another week or two before I complete it, but if anyone wants a copy of the saleslist, drop me a line and I'll e-mail it to you.

Lindsay said...

I would definitely be interested in seeing the list when you get it together. =)

Anonymous said...

Do you know your room number yet, or what floor you'll be on? See you there! (And I can't wait to browse...)