Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling the Rainbow

Lots of ground to cover today.

First, I "won" a Nympheas! Yay me! (Is it weird that I still get a bit of a thrill whenever I see my name on the Winners List?) I don’t have many Marabellas in the collection; not for a lack of trying, I just never seem to be in the right place at the right time for the right model. So that’s a happy way to start my weekend.

Second, yes, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the Costume Ball ever since it was announced on the BreyerFest blog a few days ago. The first idea that popped into my head was hilarious, but probably inappropriate, and possibly illegal in the State of Kentucky. (No, the whip is not involved.) I still might do it if I can’t come up with anything else equally awesome. I thought my costume last year bordered on the inappropriate, and everything turned out fine.

Third, well … the Rainbow Weather Girls are out. I’m surprised at how much I like the Translucent Rainbow variation; I wasn’t a huge fan of their previous Rainbow paint jobs, but it really works on the Translucent plastic. Kudos for them for being able to pull it off so successfully.

I like the Pintaloosa ones too. It seems like an odd choice, but I get it - it’s a paint job with a lot of "color." I would not be displeased to get either the Matte or the Glossy version, if only because my Standing Stock Horse Fun Foal needs a Mommy:

Most of the "Herd" seems to think otherwise. Quelle surprise, non? Whatever. Some hobbyists just gotta complain no matter what. A few more realistic colors would be nice, but I’m not going to snipe, carp and moan about it. Or withhold my UPCs and hope for something "better." I’ll send them in when I finally get around to getting the rest of them, and be happy with whatever shows up on the doorstep.

We got spoiled on the multiple variants on the Hucks and Fun Foals: hobbyists seem to have forgotten that the first couple of Treasure Hunts didn’t have a lot of variations within them, and there wasn’t a huge amount of complaining at the time that there should have been more.

(Well, some: no subject in the hobby ever goes uncomplained about.)

It’s nice that Reeves seems to be going with a simultaneous and random release of multiple variations, something I wish they had done last year with the Othello Treasure Hunt. Allegedly there are going to be four variations total; whether the Gloss and Matte Pintaloosas count as one or two, I don’t know. If they’re going to go with variations on the "color" theme, I’m supposing there’s going to be a "Color Change" painted piece in the mix somewhere.

A Color Change Pintaloosa, maybe? Oh yeah, I’d totally dig that!

Peace Out.


Julie said...

Great entry. As for the complainers...."Sour grapes taste horrible and ruin the fun. So can we please get rid of them?" yeah, you just can't make some people happy, no matter what you do.
I hope you have fun at BreyerFest.

Anonymous said...

Emperor's New Clothes!? That was my first thought... I'd totally do it too if I didn't think I'd get throw out of the park, and possible put in jail, LOL.

Maxine said...

I never complain about what Breyer Reeves does-until now. So, please don't put me in with the pool of "gripers". But, when I sent in my UPC codes for a RAINBOW model, I expected to receive a RAINBOW colored model! I received a matte pintaloosa instead. Even a blind person could see that-that is not a rainbow model! I am highly disappointed in this "trick"!
Anyone else agree with me?

Anonymous said...

I am with Maxine. This is my first TH. Last year I just happened to pick up the three cheaply so sent in for the Winter because I liked him. So I was ecstatic when I saw Rainbow! As one who does tie dye, lives the "hippie" life, has photos I took of real rainbows all over I was so thrilled to see a rainbow model! Then what shows up? Matte pintaloosa.

While others get two trans. rainbows and "can't stand them" I can't give this one away to get one. So I am going to say she is not popular at all.

I agree, not funny Breyer. They could have at least made her interesting.