Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flying Green Unicorns!

Will I be getting the latest Web Special, Alpine? Maybe. You know how I am when it comes to Silver Filigrees. It’s the fact that it’s a telephone-only sale that’s making me hesitate: I’m somewhat telephone-phobic. The sale isn’t until Tuesday, but the thought of spending a couple of hours hitting redial is already giving me the heebie-jeebies. (Yeah, I’m not a very happy camper on HIN Reservation Day, either.)

I’m also a little annoyed by it - not that it’s another super-limited Silver Filigree, but that it’s another super-limited Esprit. Another one, really? Great. That means is that we’re in for several days of hobbyists dismissing him as an "easy pass," and then attempting to buy one anyway to resell to the people who really do want one.

Personally, I was hoping for a Decorator Mountain Goat. Now there’s a mold we haven’t seen in a while - since 2005, to be precise. But could they sell 250 Decorator Mountain Goats? Alas, probably not.

I don’t think they could sell 250 White Moose, either, but that was the speculation du jour on Blab today. Seriously - a White Moose? I love the Moose mold myself, but I can’t imagine them making a white one. Yeah, they exist, but what would be the rationale for making one - aside from a slight association with Christmas, or cuteness?

If you’re looking for an idea that might have some genuine selling power to it, a White Stag would be a better choice. Google "White Stag" or "White Deer" or even "White Hart," and you’ll see what I’m talking about. A "White Stag" would be a natural for next year’s "Fairytails" BreyerFest theme, especially as the non-horse item for the Line Specials.

I doubt they’d do it. One, they already sorta did one for the BreyerFest auction back in 2007: hobbyists kind of get annoyed when a "test color" becomes an actual production run. (Even though that used to be the whole point of test colors.) Two, breakage issues with the tines would be a nightmare, especially if they’re bubble-wrapped and bagged like most Line Specials. I imagine the inevitable Unicorn SR is going to be trouble enough.

Oh, and if you’re going to do a little more research on mythical or legendary horse-type things, do yourselves a favor and check out the awesome Táltos Horse. Here is how he’s described on the Wikipedia (via the page on Táltos, or Hungarian shamans):
The táltos always had a horse, frequently appearing in Hungarian folk tales as a white stallion with wings. However, the Táltos Horse always had jade colored skin, causing them to be mocked by everybody. It is said in myths, that only the táltos could see the real powers hidden in the horse.

When they met, only the táltos could ride the horse, and it was always "flying like thought". This way the táltos is able to meditate (révül).

The horse can have a unicorn horn and wings, visible to the táltos during meditation (révül). The unicorn horn signifies the horse's special spiritual power, as it is a single horn that grows straight out of the brain. The wings define the ability to fly between the three worlds of Hungarian mythology. The táltos horse could have "gold hair", and also eat hot cinders.

Doesn’t he sound like something straight off of a Dethklok album cover?

I know it’s Wikipedia, and therefore of dubious veracity, but dang it - a jade green flying unicorn that eats fire? Now that would be one badass BreyerFest SR.


Little Black Car said...

I would buy a decorator mountain goat. Personally, I long for more cattle, though. I love the various cattle molds and they just don't use them enough. I want them to do a version of Old Blue, Charles Goodnight's blue-black bell steer. I might just have to paint my own since it's off Breyer's radar.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need a fire-eating unicorn to show the rest of the twinkly froo-froo unis how it's done!

He can have a sidekick, a giant white moose who suffers from a touch of Evil Albino!

Now there's a set I'd buy.

bubbasmom said...

I like the decorator mountain goat idea! You know, I think a silver-filigree moose would be a good Christmas (Christmoose?) SR, too.

And I, too, wish for more cattle. They could do Babe the Blue Ox for Bfest. Paul Bunyan's kind of a fairy tale. I'm afraid it'll be all snowflakes and glitter next year, though...even though fairy tales have realllly dark cores.

Ponygirl said...

They did Babe the Blue Ox once a long time ago, for some restaurant or something. At least, that was the rumor.

But this Taltos is it green all over (with gold hair), or white-bodied with green skin? I kinda want one...

plastiqueponi said...

Easy pass for me. I'd have been more interested in a white moose, or well, nearly anything but this one. Don't care for the mold, it does absolutely *nothing* for me. And not a fan of decorators in general, except for the vintage gold and blue ones.

I'd dearly love to see some new cattle! Preferably trad, and not bucking. :)