Friday, July 16, 2010


The Samplers are done. The Look-a-Like Contest entry would be done, but the darn paint won’t dry in this humidity. And the costume contest thingie? Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of that work at the hotel; fortunately, that should be mostly embellishment at that point (depends on how well the sewing project goes tomorrow.) Can’t pack the vehicle, since it’s going to be hotter than the bottom of a skillet for the next two days.

If I had time to sleep, I doubt I’d be able to. Sigh.

Apparently they did remove the word "enigmatic" from the Boxer entry on the Facebook page, which is nice, though they didn’t correct the date, so I’m not going to chalk that up as a win in my column. Especially since they’ve posted a couple of real winners since then - Susan Prosser, really? Who on Earth has been posting these entries lately?

Is it sad that my first reaction upon seeing the picture of the Diamond Jubilee model in the BreyerFest program was Oh great, a half dozen more misspelled threads about ‘Silver Filagree’s on Blab. If you can learn to spell Appaloosa and Trakehner, you can learn to spell Filigree!

I also take slight issue with the entire "60th Anniversary" concept, because we’re not entirely sure if it’s true or not. Breyer might have been manufacturing horses for MasterCrafters by 1950, but the entity known an "Breyer Animal Creations" may not have come into existence formally until 1952 or 1953 - the earliest known mention of it is in the Boxer announcement in that 1953 issue of Playthings we’ve been discussing. "1950" has a nicer ring to it than "1953" though, and they’ve been going with the 1950 date for so long I doubt most hobbyists would even notice if they did discreetly change it.

It is a Silver Filigree, so I’ll likely be buying it. The piece count isn’t too low, so I’m not too worried about a quick sellout. They made 2000 of the Autumn last year, and I just found a couple of lovely examples at one of my local toys stores just last week, sitting on the shelves with all of the other regular runs, for a regular run retail price.

If the cash situation is not bad coming out of BreyerFest, I might go back and get one of those Autumns. It’s not that I’ve necessarily had a change of heart over the remodeled version of the Sherman Morgan mold; I’ve just decided that, for research purposes, it’s probably a good idea to have at least one example of every mold or significant mold variation around.

At least, that’s how I’m going to rationalize any purchases in the near future.

(And speaking of mold variations - that test Gem Twist with the remodeled mane and tail - hubba hubba!)

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Anonymous said...

"If you can learn to spell Appaloosa and Trakehner, you can learn to spell Filigree!"

No kidding. It's like a couple years ago when I was ready to hit my monitor every time I saw a post about or an auction for "Nakota" or "Mirabella". The names are spelled out on the friggin' box for Pete's sake, and people still misspelled them. LOL