Monday, July 19, 2010

And, We're Off!

Nothing significant to report from the flea market, mercifully. There was a beautiful, immaculate pot metal horse clock - you know, the one similar to the "Side Stander" MasterCrafters clock - but it wasn't a must have. The dealer is a regular one of mine, so I might be able to negotiate the price down a bit if I feel the need.

I have been meaning to look into those clocks to see what the exact relationship between them and the MasterCrafters version is (Before, during or after? Same suppliers? What about that plastic base?) but it's just another topic on my very long list.

Everything else was overpriced, or bodies. Don't need anymore bodies.

I'm now at the "randomly throwing things in the car" phase of the trip; something will be forgotten, I'm sure. I kept waking up last night thinking. "Did I pack that? And that? Oh crud, I think I forgot the spoons!" Ah, to sleep as soundly as little Vita. Gonna miss you, my little piglet.

(She's a bit of a picky eater, but she makes the most delightful little piggie noises when she's happy-excited-frustrated. Which is most of the time!)

See y'all in Kentucky.

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Jennifer said...

Your little Vita is a doll! Looks similar to my Bailey (Parsons Terrier/shelter puppy)