Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Newest Arrival

The other reason I was a little bit of a space cadet this week:

A nine week old Wire Fox Terrier puppy! (Photo extra big for your viewing pleasure. You'll just have to imagine the puppy breath.) We picked her up today.

We haven't decided on a name yet. I'm leaning towards something flowery, like Ivy, Petunia, Zinnia or Nigella. A family conference tomorrow will pick the winner.

I'd love to take her to BreyerFest, but I'm not sure the rest of the family would approve of me absconding with the world's cutest puppy for a week.


Stockstill Stables said...

My vote is for Zinnia :). Shes adorable. My Husband has been trying to get me to get another dog but Im not ready for a 2nd. My Papillion mix is the perfect companion and I do not want to retrain another right

Vicky said...

My sister raises and shows Wire Fox Terriers. They are so full of energy and are very loving dogs. Not too fond of other dogs though, so be carful with your adorable little girl.
I like Zinnia too.

Leah said...

You put me to shame! I got two kittens a week or so ago and haven't posted on my blog since. Gah.

I vote Zinnia too. SO CUTE!